The Chinese are ready to invade it.  Here are the brands and models we will soon see in Europe

The Chinese are ready to invade it. Here are the brands and models we will soon see in Europe

ROME – Byd, Nio, Xpeng, Aiways, but also Geely, Dongfeng, Chery and Saic: they are all names of Chinese car manufacturers that mean nothing to a few people today, but may soon become familiar to European motorists. In fact, due to the advent of electricity, China, the world’s largest manufacturer of battery-powered cars after Germany, is preparing to invade the promising market of the Old Continent. Alone, or in disguise. And the data proves it. In August, according to Jato Dynamics, sales of 100% electric vehicles in Europe grew by 11% and 20% of these zero-emission models come from China. Moreover, compared to August 2021, Chinese electric vehicles recorded a growth of 78%, while European-made electric vehicles did not exceed +17%.

Lumin Corn, a 4,700 euro Chinese electric that looks like a comic book

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For the British institute, “the rapid growth of Chinese-made electric vehicles in Europe is the first indicator of how, sooner or later, they will play an important role in the global market.” Also because battery-powered cars are still very modern. most in Europe are more expensive than petrol ones, while China’s breakeven point between 100% electric and combustion vehicles was reached between 2017 and 2018 and it’s been years since buying a zero-emission car is generally cheaper. Jato Dynamics, however, makes some clarifications.

BYD seal

Almost half of the electric cars produced in China and sold in Europe are represented by the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, which leave the Gigafactory in Shanghai. Additionally, Dacia Spring and some MG models also contributed to the August results. That is, Chinese cars in nature but not for their brands to wear on the bonnet. However, since we will have to get used to them, here is a collection of the main Chinese electric models that we will soon see on the European market. BYD, which last year made its first foray into Norway, will be christened in Europe at the Paris Motor Show, with three models: Han sedan and Tang and Atto 3 SUVs. And Atto 3 SUV will be China’s first car. which will be part of the SIXT rental car fleet.

BYD seal

The contract, which has just been signed, provides for an initial order of several thousand vehicles, with the first deliveries already by the end of the year in Germany, France, the Netherlands and the UK. The partnership will continue until 2028 with another 100,000 electric vehicles. Great Wall Motors, which has been present in Italy for many years through an importer, will instead arrive in Paris with two brands: WEY, which produces the Coffee 01 hybrid SUV, and ORA, which with the small electric Cat is ready to compete with Fiat. 500e and Mini Cooper S AND.

Chinese electric companies, BYD are preparing attacks against Europe. Three models with a revolutionary battery

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Landings will begin in Germany at the end of the year. Aiways, the small Chinese manufacturer that already orders the U5 crossover, used for rental in Corsica by Hertz, has announced the imminent arrival in Europe of the U6 electric SUV CoupĂ©. Dongfeng Motor, Renault’s historical partner in China, where it produces the Dacia Spring, has now decided to launch its business in the Old Continent. And to do so, it created the new Voyah brand and opened its first showroom in Oslo, Norway, to coincide with the launch of the Voyah Free electric SUV. BAIC, however, is not known when it will launch in European markets.

Xpeng P7

In 2020 it should have landed with two models of its Arcfox electric brand: Suv ECF, designed by Walter de Silva, and GT supercar. But the epidemic has delayed the projects. Chery, which has been present in Italy for many years through the DR Automobili brand, a company from Molise that imports Chinese products and then assembles them to European standards and assembles them under its own brand, will start landing in Europe directly from our country.

The first model to go on sale in the coming months will be the OMODA electric SUV. In Italy Chery intends to create a strong sales and support network. SAIC, is another case of an indirect landing on the Old Continent, through the historic English brand MG bought years ago. But now he wants to compete in the market on his own and in 2023 he will land the Mifa 9 minivan with seven seats with the Maxus license plate, presented in September at the Hanover Motor Show. Xpeng, known as the ‘Chinese Tesla’, plans to land its new G9 SUV in Europe. Starting from Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands, where it already is. Nio, another rival to Tesla, has already started playing in Norway with the ET7.

Route U5

The next landings will be in Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark, also with the EL7 and ET5 models. Geely is already the owner of Volvo and Lotus and a major shareholder of Aston Martin and Daimler, which produces a new generation of electric Smarts in China. Furthermore, through the Lynk & Co brand it offers the 01 plug-in hybrid SUV for a monthly subscription, also in Italy. It now wants to launch the Zeekr brand in Europe. FAW is due to land in Italy from 2023 with a range of high-end designs produced by the Silk-FAW joint venture based in Reggio Emilia and founded by American financier Jonathan Krane. However, at present, with the 4.5 million public funds provided by the Region, the operation has not yet been started.