The Citroen 2CV is getting more and more expensive.  How much does a used duck cost today?  Summary of the offer |

The Citroen 2CV is getting more and more expensive. How much does a used duck cost today? Summary of the offer |

Citroen 2CV prices today reach up to PLN 100,000. This amount was hard to believe until recently – after all, we are talking about a simple car with a small engine. However, the style, or rather the cult of the 2CV, takes its toll. What do prices look like today?

Air-cooled engine, simplified interior, frame, simple, silent body. All this for one lakh? Welcome. The high cost of the 2CV in Polish versions is currently on sale PLN 79 thousand. This is the value of a car that has undergone – according to the seller – a complete overhaul, including the engine. “The car is original, without any structural changes, after extensive restoration. Using spare parts similar to the original,” we read in the description.

You have to pay PLN 61,490 for a slightly cheaper copy from 1987. “CV 2 beautiful and beautiful after a complete restoration. Color: pearl red and white, center red and white stitching. The car is registered and insured. It is perfect for events such as weddings and other celebrations. – writes the seller. The color is a matter of taste.

1987 harvest and price PLN 60,000. “For car lovers, no details are necessary, I invite you to the test drive.” Blue body color, the declared mileage is very symbolic. We are still at the upper price limit.

Another 2CV is worth PLN 59,000 and appears to be in collector condition. The dealer offers many auto parts.

In turn, for For PLN 55,000 you can buy a green 2CV in good condition. Back in 1969.

There are also cheap ducks – For PLN 39,800, the dealer offers the 2CV after full renovation (whatever that means). Body needs paint correction, but looks safe to drive.

It was already cheap and promises to be more expensive. So maybe this is a good time to go shopping?

If this is the first duck in the family, the owners of these cars associated with 2CV clubs and forums will give useful advice when buying. Despite its simple design, the car has its usual problems and features that should be paid attention to before buying to avoid additional costs later.

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