The Citroen Ami also comes as a buggy variant

The Citroen Ami also comes as a buggy variant

Citroen builds the Ami in a limited series as an air buggy. 50 examples will be built.
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Citroen Ami is the sister model of Opel Rocks-e. It is now also available as a buggy variant – albeit in limited edition and only in France.

A buggy version of the light electric car was launched in December 2021. Now a doorless two-seater production version is coming. However, only 50 copies are planned, which will be sold exclusively online from June 21 on the manufacturer’s French website. The guaranteed price starts around 9,800 euros.

Unlike the concept, the production version does without the look of the ride with off-road wheels and cow catcher. However, the distinctive khaki and yellow paint colors on the exterior and interior have been retained.

A buggy with wide wheel arches

The buggy also features wide wheel arches, a large rear spoiler on the roof and 14-inch wheels with gold colored rims. To prevent occupants from falling out while driving, hinged steel tubes were installed as a replacement for the door. The gray and waterproof fabric roof is attached with snaps. It can be folded or removed completely. The simple carbio roof pays homage to the Citroen 2CV and Mehari icons.

In terms of driving technology, the buggy version remains unchanged. The microcar is powered by an 8 hp electric motor, which, according to the registration, accelerates two seats up to 45 km / h. Electricity comes from a 5 kWh battery. With Ami, Citroen wants to attract younger customers. However, the elderly and people with limited mobility are also a target group. Amit’s top speed is 45 km/h. In addition to the standard model, Opel also offers the Rocks-e as a cargo variant for delivery services on the German market. (AG/SP-X)

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