The “city” mode limits the replacement of the Lamborghini Aventador to 180 hp

The “city” mode limits the replacement of the Lamborghini Aventador to 180 hp

With no less than 13 driving modes, the Lamborghini LB744 will be able to navigate easily in all environments, especially in the city.

Only a few days left Lamborghini is launching its new car. To make us wait, the Italian company provides new technical information about the successor of Aventador.

Presented for the time being under the code name LB744, the supercar will have a plug-in hybrid engine. Its power, derived from a V12 6.5 liter atmospheric and three electric motors, will reach 1,015 hp.

Lamborghini also notes that the model will benefit from 13 driving modes. The goal is to increase performance when the driver demands it, but also to drive a hybrid engine according to the environment, conditions and type of road.

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Three new driving modes, Recharge, Hybrid and Performance, are dedicated to reinventing the battery. According to the brand, the Recharge mode will fully activate the V12 to send high energy to the battery to recharge it in six minutes.

The Città, Strada, Sport and Corsa models, selectable via two thumbwheels on the new steering wheel, highlight the distinct personality and capabilities of the Lamborghini LB744.

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In total, the successor to the Aventador will feature 13 driving modes. The one called “Città”, was designed for daily driving in city centers. It is flexible enough without making any noise or emission. For this case, power is limited to 180 hp.

The suspension system, traction control and gearbox provide maximum comfort, allowing the Città mode to be the most fuel-efficient mode.

Lamborghini will officially launch the Aventador replacement on March 29. We can’t wait to find out!