The Complete Face of Cupra at Milan Design Week 2023 – Virgilio Motori

The Complete Face of Cupra at Milan Design Week 2023 – Virgilio Motori

In one of the most fashionable areas of Milan, in Corso Como 1, on the occasion of the Design Week 2023 from 18 to 23 April, The very face of the Cupra: a Spanish brand (of the Volkswagen Group), which passes one thousand sales. Designed by Francesca Sangalli, Head of Color & Trim and Concept & Strategy for Iberia House, the main themes were technology and sustainability. The materials used represent the future of Cupra design, in a visionary experience.

At the Cupra garage in Milan, attention is drawn to how different surfaces can transmit unique sensory experiences: transformed materials that acquire renewed value and reflect the values ​​of new generations. “We wanted to break away from conventional car accessories to focus more on what corresponds to the needs of new generations. Which adds new features, respects the environment and promotes sustainable growth. We believe that sustainability gives us the opportunity to reinterpret the originality of Cupra,” said Francesca Sangalli.

All thanks to vegan leather fabrics, recycled polymers, new parametric design techniques and 4D printing. There are also natural vegetable fibers that replace carbon and the new surfaces are treated with neutral colors that enhance the modernity of some of the features on display.

“Lifestyle destination”, therefore: a modern and unusual space in which different environments have been recreated for a more immersive and interesting experience.

In turn, Pierantonio Vianello, the director of Cupra Italia, explained the philosophy behind this event: “We create cars that marry the values ​​of the new generations, increasingly focusing on design and performance, but also on technology and environmental sustainability, thus identifying ourselves in the choice of materials and brand finishes. . From the exhibitions created for the Milan Design Week, the determination to explore truth and uniqueness, important values ​​for the new generations, are more visible. Who find in communities, such as the Cupra Tribe, the opportunity to express themselves and fully enjoy their originality. People create brand, and it also makes a difference: design is the tool with which we express this uniqueness”.