The concept of Tokyo.  Subaru shows the Crosstrek for extreme events

The concept of Tokyo. Subaru shows the Crosstrek for extreme events

These days apart from the national market, the fact is that Subaru continues to present proposals with the ability to immediately catch the eye. This is the case of the most recent concept developed from the Crosstrek crossover, called the Crosstrek Boost Gear Concept and which, indeed, is a proposal for truly epic events!…

Announced as a variant of the Crosstrek crossover that succeeded the Outback that is still remembered today, the subaru The Crosstrek Boost Gear concept is better for the many modifications and accessories it receives, which ends up giving it a more solid image. In addition to being more dedicated to the true and pure road of the road.

So, to begin with, Yokohama Geolander tires are very suitable for the most difficult terrains in terms of grip, with not only an all-wheel drive system, but also high ground clearance. Apparently, the result of the use of a kit designed to increase the travel of the suspension.

Subaru Crosstrek Boost Gear Concept

In addition to these novelties, some elements that are already known from the list of parts and accessories of the brand, such as the various uses of plastic, including, above the front grill and near the front hood, the LED lights placed vertical around the lampshade. lights, or (allegedly) metal coating on the bottom of the bumpers and side skirts. More specifically, however, to load bearing for roofing and which even has an LED light in front, as well as a pair of steps on the sides, which, however, will have more to do with the aesthetic aspect than with performance.

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Finally, and in terms of exterior color, the choice of two-color painting (Grey and Black) with a matt finish, with light blue details, not only on the body work, but also on the light alloy wheels, and even on the wheel arches.

Regarding the steering selected for this Subaru Crosstrek Boost Gear Concept, the Japanese brand nothing has been revealed yet, so it remains to be seen if it will use the hybrid power of the e-Boxer, or if, on the contrary, it will choose a different solution.

Also for the REX city car

However, continuing with the news, highlighting the fact that, with this more robust Crosstrek Boost Gear Concept, subaru he also launched a less impressive cosmetic kit, but for the station REX city crossover, which he named the REX Boost Gear Concept. And which, although it showed more subtle changes, did not fail to receive the same set of black rims, worn with Yokohama Geolander tires, from Crosstrek, as well as aluminum bumpers and side skirts, two-color painting in Gray and Black. , with the aforementioned details in blue.

Subaru REX Boost Gear Concept
Subaru REX Boost Gear Concept

Contrary to what happened with his brother, Subaru did not fail to reveal the engine chosen for this (slightly) more visible REX, with the choice falling on the standard 1.2 liter with 82 hp of power transmitted only to the front wheels through. seven-speed CVT gearbox.

Finally, the REX Boost Gear Concept and the more advanced Crosstrek Boost Gear Concept are guaranteed to be presented to the public at the 2023 Tokyo Motor Show, along with other lineups. subaru. Although, at present, there is no guarantee that any of these cosmetic devices will be commercially available.