The Cupra Born becomes the cheapest electric car with 550 kilometers of autonomy

The Cupra Born becomes the cheapest electric car with 550 kilometers of autonomy

After the Volkswagen ID.3, it is the turn of the Cupra Born to reduce its price. The electric car is now under 40,000 euros and simplifies its range. It’s enough to compete well with the MG4, which is no longer eligible for the ecological bonus.

If electric cars still remain less expensive than their temperature ranges, the difference is getting smaller and smaller. Experts even estimate that balance will be reached by the end of the decade, mainly due to the drop in the cost of lithium, among other things.

New decrease

A good situation, which allows manufacturers to launch in A big price war since last year. This was announced by Tesla, which reduced the price of its Model 3 and Model Y by 13,000 euros, and it is far more. BYD is announcing an even tougher battle in the coming months. A message received for the Volkswagen group, which remains number 3 in electric cars in the world, despite the great crisis it has been going through for several months already.

But that is set to change as a wider attack plan is revealed. And this is materialized mainly by a drop in the price of certain models electricity. This is for example the case of Cupra Born, whose production was stopped last year due to lack of demand. But that will soon be history, as the electric compact has transformed its range into a more affordable one. This is what the Spanish company announced in a communiqué just published.

From now on, the rival Renault Mégane E-Tech becomes more competitive, and the price starts. from 39,090 euros. The latter is valid for the entry-level version with the L battery, which has a capacity of 58 kWh. The latter offers a range of 422 kilometers according to the WLTP cycle, which should reassure reluctant drivers. And good news, the car is still eligible for an ecological bonus of 4,000 euros, which gives an entry ticket of 35,090 euros.

It is enough to compete even more head-to-head with the MG4, which starts from 22,990 euros. If the Chinese contract is no longer eligible for government support, it nevertheless benefits from a generous 7,000 euro unconditional discount. The ending begins as a reminder 51 kWh battery which offers a range of 350 km according to the European approval cycle.

An interesting destiny

But if you want to take advantage of a large battery in your Cupra Born, know that this is also quite possible. And for good reason, the manufacturer offers another more generous alternative, which shows capacity of 77 kWh. The latter allows you to benefit from a good autonomy of 550 km. It is enough to convince all those who believe that electric cars cannot run long enough.

As a reminder, an electric compact can handle charging up to 125 kW with direct current, which allows you to recover 100 km in just 7 minutes. The car has a capacity of 230 horsepower and can go from 0 to 100 km / h in 6.6 to 7 seconds depending on the selected version. But is it really well-equipped at this affordable price point? If the distribution is not more important than for the ID.3, whose price is also reduced, it still remains attractive.

Cupra Born VZ XL
Cupra Born VZ XL

Indeed, the latter includes bucket seats, 19-inch rims, 12-inch central touchscreen or a rear camera with front and rear LED lights. It’s enough to attract potential customers, although the car left a good impression on us when we took it in hand. But not only that, because he is also there eligible for social rent from 109 euros per month. Too bad it ended for this year, a victim of his success.

Cupra Born can also be chosen as a long-term rental, and monthly rent of 260 euros. An offer that includes a maximum bonus and conversion bonus of 2,500 euros, and which also requires a first tax of 9,500 euros.

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