The Cupra driver almost caused an accident.  A witness reported him.  Police are asking for more information

The Cupra driver almost caused an accident. A witness reported him. Police are asking for more information

  • The driver of the Cupra was passing dangerously before the pedestrian crossing

  • He was in such a hurry that he made another mistake shortly after

  • The situation was recorded by a camera installed in the witness’s car

In the middle of March, on Szosa Lubicka in Toruń, the driver of a Cupra car, directly before the pedestrian crossing, passed another car and did not give way to a pedestrian crossing the crossing. Only thanks to the attention of another driver who warned of the pedestrian crossing with an acoustic signal, there was no collision. A pedestrian walking precisely is about to be hit. The same driver, at the next intersection, while changing lanes, made another mistake by crossing a solid line.

The entire incident was recorded on the car’s camera and sent to the “Stop Road Aggression” mailbox. The Cupra driver may now face serious consequences for his actions.

How many fines and how many penalty points for passing before crossing with a continuous line?

  • Passing a pedestrian crossing or immediately before it means a fine of PLN 1,500 and 15 penalty points (if it is the second such offense of a driver, the fine will increase to PLN 3,000.

  • Hitting one solid line results in a fine of PLN 100 and 1 penalty point

  • Interestingly, crossing the solid line twice is more expensive: the fine is PLN 200 and the number of points awarded for this offense is 5.

Police warn: be careful

This incident reminds us how important it is to follow the rules of the road, especially in the context of the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. Passing other vehicles in front or immediately in front of pedestrian crossings, as well as passing vehicles stopped before the pedestrian crossing, are serious mistakes that can lead to serious accidents.

On this occasion, it is worth reminding pedestrians to be careful. Dark clothing, a hood over the head, headphones in the ears or the use of a mobile phone are things that can hide our attention and attention, and as a result, cause a dangerous situation on the road.

The police are urging people to react to the lack of culture of other drivers – then they will face the consequences they deserve.