The Cupra Tavascan has received the improvements we have been calling for for a long time.  We took a look at the exciting new product live at the car company’s headquarters

The Cupra Tavascan has received the improvements we have been calling for for a long time. We took a look at the exciting new product live at the car company’s headquarters

This was a lot of fast driving. After all, it was only in 2018 when the management of Seat brought us a new brand, not far from the domestic Martorello. We have known the new Cupra for a long time as a more sporty version of the seats, but five years ago it gained independence, which has been and continues to be a very wise move.

I will admit without torture – and I think I have admitted this several times already – that when I looked at the rebadged Seat Ateca, I did not believe at all that the Spanish carmaker could do well with the Cupra.

It came out. Although, it may be an understatement. While in the first year of existence the Cupra brand generated sales of 430 million euros, the year before it was already 2.2 billion. And during 2021, Cupra managed to triple sales (compared to 2020)! And while the future of Seat is being dealt with more and more attention and the appearance of all different types, the Cupra is growing with other new types. One of them, which we can expect next year, is the electric Tavascan. We went to check it out directly at Cupra headquarters.

Photo: Cupra

The journey from concept (front), through 1:1 scale model to production version.

This is where Cupra is at home!

This was quick too. When Cupra showed us the Ateca five years ago, the brand’s future headquarters probably wasn’t on paper. And now, a short distance from the main entrance of the plant in Martorello, something of the future stands, the stylish home of the Cupra brand. It wasn’t my first time here, but this huge building got me again. However, even in a short period of time, Cupra has created a space that can afford such a luxurious residence.

Photo: Cupra

The headquarters of the Cupra brand is a short distance from the main entrance of the plant in Martorello.

But of course you are more interested in Tavascan, I was also very curious about the interesting electric car, so far I have only seen it in the concept phase. And by looking at the picture, the serial version has not changed much.

I confirmed this good news at the very beginning of the workshop that Cupra organized for us. The production Tavascan came out pretty close to the concept with a detailed 1:1 model, and I have to admit that Cupra managed the original idea just brilliantly. There are also embossed logos on the hood and on the strip between the taillights. This is a very popular feature. Tavascan will not be completely missed at night. And easily recognizable.

Photo: Cupra

You really can’t miss the logo that glows at night!

We’ve been waiting!

How I… I didn’t like her keeping up the makeup. The non-illuminated multi-function touch bar below the touch screen was also an innovation that mercilessly destroyed the reputation of VW products built over the years as the epitome of ergonomics and well-thought-out solutions. Adding that the frequent infotainment freeze in the first days, Kit (excluding the Cupra, of course) added a few more “improvements” and your thoughts to the menu, and the best of the old user mentioned above remains … well, let’s do it. being happy is behind us.

In the next part of the workshop, Cupra showed us the newest dashboard interface, and even if everything is still controlled by touch, it’s a big change. The bar is finally here BACK (!!!), the ventilation has its own clearly defined position at the bottom of the fifteen-inch display – it really bothers me that everything about thermal comfort is controlled only by touch.

Photo: Cupra

The navigation map currently dominates the display, and on the left we find two tiles that you can define according to your preferences.

In the basic view, you can then define two large tiles (for example, operational data), other options are of course in the list. There are many different variants, as we are still getting used to more modern cars, but it is clear from everything that Cupra tried the interface this time, it cannot stand the comparison with the previous version. In the best sense of the word.

It is quite common for an electric car to have a large central panel, many manufacturers use the free space for various storage options. However, Cupra chose a different design element that may not be the most important, but it can be liked. And it can contribute to a strong feeling of connection with the car – there is a more complex, sporty environment. The highly profiled seats also help, the Cupra certainly didn’t underestimate the rear guidance.

Photo: Cupra

As you can see, the Cupra spared no expense on the future guide.

It’s endless with Tavascan!

Cupra has great faith in its electric innovation, according to estimates, some seventy thousand cars should be sold every year. A confident number, even considering that the hugely successful Formentor hit one hundred thousand customers last year.

But from these first impressions, I would venture to say that the Tavascan could follow in the footsteps of its combustion brother. For me, it is more interesting than the Formentor, it is a unique and unrecognizable car that differs little from the original concept.

Now to know how it works. Even this presentation at the headquarters of the car company was only static, we still have to wait for the first drives. We currently know that the Tavascan will be released in two versions – Endurance and VZ. You probably don’t need to know Cupra’s nomenclature to reveal that the diminutive Endurance with 286 horsepower and rear-wheel drive only will focus on range (it can handle up to 550 kilometers on a single charge). Cupra Tavascan VZ can travel “only” 520 km, but thanks to another electric motor on the front axle with a power of 110 hp, it gives a total of 340 hp, thanks to which you can get up to 100 km / h in a short time. 5.6 seconds. A battery capacity of 77 kWh is standard for both versions, it can charge 135 kW.

However, this is far from the end of Cupra’s innovation. Early next year, the Terramar SUV should be shown in a series version, which with a length of 4.5 meters will fit between the Ateca and Tarraco. And … it is not hostile to internal combustion engines! Raval – based on the concept of UrbanRebel – will now be completely electric. Production should start in two years and it will be one of the available electric cars of the concern (in VW it is called ID.2all, the small electric Škoda has no name at the moment, it is called “small”, it is called “small”, ie small).

All of them? Wait a minute, four facelifted models will arrive next spring – Leon, Leon SP (station wagon, both body versions are also sold under the Cupra brand), Formentor and Born. As I wrote at the beginning, Cupra is very popular. And the next load of news will surely hit the Spanish brand even more!