The Dacia Jogger is selling better than the Volkswagen Golf, at least in Spain |

The Dacia Jogger is selling better than the Volkswagen Golf, at least in Spain |

Dacia Jogger is a car that can easily carry seven adults. Its popularity is growing all the time. In Poland, it is offered in two versions of the car: a 100-horsepower engine with a factory installation of LPG and a 110-horsepower gasoline engine. They will soon be joined by a 140-horsepower hybrid that thrives on city streets.

Times are changing and with them the needs of customers. It happens that the old popular models are now losing their relevance and new ones are winning. This is the case of the Volkswagen Golf, which had to give way to the Dacia Jogger in Spain. The latest sales reports show that Dacia’s budget car has beaten the German competition: In 2023, the Jogger gained almost 3,800 customers, while the Golf sold 3,755 units.

Dacia Jogger is also very popular in Poland. About 80% of customers opt for the LPG version and a large number of vehicles are purchased with higher equipment versions. At the beginning of the year, a hybrid version with a 140 HP motor should also appear in showrooms, which is requested by many customers who drive in the city and need a more powerful engine.

Customers appreciate the factory installation of LPG, which is strongly connected to the car, including computer displays, and low operating and service costs. Dacia Jogger also impresses with its large luggage space. 607 liters with 5 passengers on board will satisfy the needs of even a large family. The manufacturer goes further and for people who travel a lot has also prepared a factory camping kit that connects to the car – Jogger and I tested the bed and matching tent recently in the mountains of Poland.

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