The DHL section moves from Coornhertstraat to Opel Centrale

The DHL section moves from Coornhertstraat to Opel Centrale

01 June 2022 • 14:09 by Hans Huisman

PAPENDRECHT – From Tuesday, June 7, the DHL planning center will no longer be located in Coornhertstraat, but in the Opel Centrale building workshop area in Rembrandtlaan.
Here, too, it will only be about arranging packages and there will be no customer assurance.
If customers want to send and collect the packages themselves, they can of course use the PostNL Business Center in one building. The car wash and gas station will also continue to be used under the name Opel Centrale.

The Opel Centrale exhibition room is still rented. There is interest in this, but there is no specific destination yet. If the person is interested, he can contact him via phone number 06-53992505.

DHL’s departure from Coornhertstraat means good news for Korteland Scooters, because it was tightly packed in his jacket and could now take up all the space. The building will be renovated starting next week.

Various residents of the area will also be pleased with the departure of DHL, as loading and unloading of packages often caused parking nuisance in Coornhertstraat. Papendrecht Municipality had already reprimanded DHL several times. There are many more parking spaces in the new location on Rembrandtlaan, because DHL has its own 40 parking spaces there. DHL did not have its own parking spaces in Coornhertstraat.

In terms of space in the warehouse, DHL grows from 250m³ to 500m³. It is also good that DHL will buy approximately 14 to 16 electric vehicles. This is possible, because people can now install their own charging stations. Some buses will be replaced by buses that run on clean HVO diesel.

In total, DHL is expected to process approximately 5000 to 7000 parcels per day. This is from Monday to Saturday, divided into three periods. Part in the morning, part in the afternoon and part in the evening.

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