The dignitaries stay in hotels as much as they can, even without the permission of the municipality

The dignitaries stay in hotels as much as they can, even without the permission of the municipality

COA reports that status holders – who have a residence permit and are therefore already entitled to housing – are being accommodated in hotels “in limited numbers”. This is already happening in some municipalities COA says it works “on behalf of the government and after the approval of the King’s commissioners”. Normally no permission from the municipality is required to place status holders in hotels, because they are in the Netherlands legally. This is different for asylum seekers.

The Association of Dutch Municipalities (VNG) says it is aware of the status holders’ plans. According to the group of people involved, it is “good” to inform the municipality in advance, the spokesperson said. COA says that also happens.


About 10,000 places in the reception of the asylum are currently owned by the status holders, for whom the municipalities should have already arranged housing. But due in part to the housing shortage, municipalities are unable to meet this goal.

The South Dutch municipality of Krimpenerwaard reported on Thursday that the COA will “unexpectedly” host twenty dignitaries in a hotel in Lekkerkerk starting next week. “The municipality had no influence in this COA decision,” says Mayor Hans Beenakker. Castricum reported last week that it has already been “surprised” by the placement of dignitaries in hotels in the North Holland municipality.

Emergency shelter areas

It has not been announced if all 10,000 people will be moved to hotels and when this will happen. COA reports that the shelters that will be available will be used for asylum seekers who are currently in asylum centers that are being closed.

At the beginning of this month, outgoing Secretary of State Eric van der Burg (Asylum) issued an urgent call to municipalities to make hotels available. Hotels are already being used to reduce the worst demand in residential accommodation. For example, it is used as an emergency shelter and some already have status.