The driver died against the truck after crossing the opposite lane, the truck driver was released

The driver died against the truck after crossing the opposite lane, the truck driver was released

A driver died against a lorry after invading the oncoming lane, the lorry driver was released –

SAVIGLIANO – A driver died against a truck after he swerved into the oncoming lane, the truck driver was released.

In the accident on Levaldigi road directly, a 47-year-old Bulgarian citizen lost his life. The expert report showed that the speed of the truck could not affect the events

He could not avoid the fatal accident in which the driver who was leaving the oncoming lane was killed, even if his truck was traveling at a slow speed. For this reason MN, a 54-year-old of Senegalese origin living in Centallo, was acquitted of the charges of roadside murder.

The man was driving the truck that in the early morning of July 26, 2020, along the straight road of Statale 20 in Levaldigi, collided almost head-on with a Mazda 6 driven by Biser Tsvetkov. The driver of the car, a 47-year-old Bulgarian resident in Orange, France, where he was heading at the time of the fatal accident, had invaded the opposite lane. It may have been sleepiness that caused the bad skid, as the 47-year-old had been driving undisturbed for hours. He had nothing to do when help arrived.

No investigation could tell what Mazda’s speed was. The prosecution expert, engineer Lorenzo Giordano, also doubted the fact that the truck driver could have avoided the collision by slowing down. Indeed, there is a possibility that in the event of a sudden decrease the impact would occur in a more advanced position and with the same result, the consultant noted. For the deputy prosecutor Pier Attilio Stea, the expert’s report had the decision to ask for the accused to be released: “Even if he had set the 70km/h limit from the start, the collision would have been inevitable and this would probably have had a more serious outcome.”. The defendants of civil liability and the defendant joined the conclusion: the latter, lawyer Antonio Bellu, also noted the attempt of the truck driver to perform a desperate maneuver. “The weight of the two vehicles in question is so different that a few kilometers per hour would be insignificant with dire consequences” saw a lawyer.

Only the plaintiff’s lawyer offered a different interpretation: “The truck driver did not observe the speed limit, despite seeing the vehicle 600 meters away” It was discovered. However, Judge Emanuela Dufour considered the connection between the driving behavior and the incident to be non-existent, and let the accused go because the facts did not constitute a crime.

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