The economical and luxurious used Fisker Karma is cheaper than you think

The economical and luxurious used Fisker Karma is cheaper than you think

The Fisker Karma is a real neck-turner. As a used car, this luxury and economical hybrid is cheaper today than you might expect.

Henrik Fisker, designer of the BMW Z8 and Aston Martin DB9, among others, founded Fisker Automotive in 2007, which emerged from the design agency that the Danish designer started two years earlier. The creation of a new car brand was the Karma. A very unique look that can now be sold as cheaply as a used car.

Special event and technology

Thanks to its large wheels, long wheelbase and low roof (with integrated solar panels), you won’t drive unnoticed with the Fisker Karma. The model is not only attractive from the outside, but also from the inside. This is due to the elegant design of the interior, but also thanks to the special technology on board.

Fish karma
(Photo: Fisker)

The plug-in hybrid retains the 2.0-liter four-cylinder that the Fisker Karma pulled from the General Motors warehouse, but it doesn’t power the car. The combustion engine works as a generator for the 20 kWh battery pack. Two electric motors that together produce 408 hp and 1,300 Nm provide the vehicle.

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According to the manufacturer, the consumption is about 1 in 48. The stated figures for the consumption of hybrids are not always true, because it depends a lot on the driving style and the payment behavior of the driver. With practice, you will be able to drive it with above average fuel economy.

Fisker Karma as a used car

It is estimated that only 2,500 copies of the design were built. Of these, 179 came to the Netherlands. Rare. We currently have nine models available as used cars on the sales site. It surprises many with the small number of Karmas in our country.

Prices start from approximately 30,000 euros for articles with more than a ton on the clock. A big deal, but thanks to the timeless design, Fisker Karma used cars still look more expensive than they are. In fact, the car also had a higher price tag when it was sold new. Even for the cheapest version you paid over €100,000 in the Netherlands in 2011.

Not without risk

These days you may know Fisker from its electric models such as Bahari and Peari. Although the current brand (Fisker Inc.) has the same founder, on paper it is a different company than Fisker Automotive. The brand went bankrupt. Sjoerd van Bilsen explains how that can happen in the video below.

The problem is that buying a used Fisker-Karma isn’t exactly risky. For example, spare parts will not be available as with other existing brands. In our Karma buying guide we say that independence is a must if you choose this second car.

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