“The effectiveness of the shock absorbers in your Toyota seat is decreasing” – drivers of the new Tacoma TRD Pro will soon hear.

“The effectiveness of the shock absorbers in your Toyota seat is decreasing” – drivers of the new Tacoma TRD Pro will soon hear.

Seats with shock absorbers – this is a new idea of ​​Toyota designers. The Tacoma TRD Pro will have a solution that can be summed up in the words “what people don’t want to come with!”.

Suspension seats are a solution that drivers of commercial vehicles, especially trucks, enjoy every day. When your job involves spending many hours every day behind the wheel, a comfortable seat becomes a very important issue. In passenger cars, the seats can be terrible, average, good or good. This does not depend on the class and price of the car, although the most expensive manufacturers are at the forefront of innovation of solutions that increase comfort. Broken back, extra support, massage…

Toyota is not known for the most comfortable seats

Pickup cars are also not related to the seat of Versailles. That is why the latest news from abroad may surprise you a little. The new Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro – pictured in the “sports” version for jumping holes, a little similar to Ford Raptors – will receive very comfortable seats.

These will be seats with shock absorbers

The photo shows that we are not talking about weak springs hidden somewhere under the seat. It’s a decent device that should also look good. The bucket seats, covered in red leather like cowhide, have “cuspidors” of air oil in the back, which … a good bike can be proud of. It should work, but it also adds a sporty vibe, of course. “This car must be good for jumping over potholes, since they put such seats” – customers will think and rush to the showroom. Or at least that’s what Toyota is counting on.

The system is called the IsoDynamic Performance Seat. Thanks to that, the seats can move vertically and sideways at the same time. It is supposed to soften the impact – which is not missing when driving fast off-road – and keep the head and neck in line with the spine.

Seats with shock absorbers in Toyota are not the only such idea

Honda is reportedly working on a similar solution for its Ridgeline. Tacoma’s rival needs to be refreshed and it seems that Toyota’s eternal competitor will also present something interesting in this regard. I am waiting for the test of the effectiveness of the seat absorbers carried out at the car inspection station. Below average Americans, they can have many jobs.

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