The electric G Wagon will be launched with a fourth engine to hit the roads on April 24

The electric G Wagon will be launched with a fourth engine to hit the roads on April 24

Mercedes-Benz presented the next electric version of its popular G-Class SUV (known as G-Wagon or G-Wagen) in videos on YouTubeand it has been confirmed that the EV will be built by Magna Steyr. New report by Motor vehicle claims the G580 will be launched in China on April 24, along with other new Mercedes-Benz electric and hybrid vehicles.

The electric G-Wagon will reportedly be available later this year — though it’s not clear when — which represents a major departure from the long wait times we’ve come to expect from competitors like Tesla and other EVs.

Although not everything is known about the electric G580, Mercedes-Benz previously teased that the EV box will have a quad-motor 4×4 configuration and a 100 kWh battery pack that should provide a range of 200-220 miles. Although that is not a figure good, Mercedes-Benz claims the EV will offer uncompromising off-road performance like its gasoline counterparts.

Pricing has yet to be leaked or confirmed by Mercedes-Benz, however it would be surprising to see an electric luxury roadster launch for less than the $143,000 Mercedes-Benz is asking for the regular gasoline G-Class.

Furthermore, the G-Wagon EV will be built on a modified ladder chassis, taken directly from the legendary internal combustion versions of the cars and slightly modified for the use of a larger battery. This should give the EV the familiar feel and off-road dominance of the G-Wagon.

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