The end of Mondeo production is no joke, although Ford published a price list for April 1

The end of Mondeo production is no joke, although Ford published a price list for April 1

As recently as yesterday, I saw the latest Ford Mondeo price list, although it was for cars manufactured in 2021. Also yesterday the last Mondeo of this generation left the assembly line, and the next one will no longer exist. And this is not a belated April 1st joke.

Yesterday I saw the new price list Mondeo (you will not find it again), which, to my surprise, was issued with the information that the prices were valid from April 1, 2022, although this car in question was released in 2021. In practice, this price list was outdated. . It was mainly used for viewing. Ford no longer accepted production orders.

Probably so the latest version of the Mondeo produced for the European market. At least in this form, because it is possible that one day a model with that name will return to us, although it will not be a typical representative of the D-section with an internal combustion engine.

Without doubt The new Mondeo can still be boughtbut not configure. There are more than 20 cars left on the market, mainly for dealers. Which most of it hybrids and 187 hp and a driving line that recalls the days of the first Prius. A good car for conservative customers who buy a car for years to come, though keep that in mind sedan versions have a formidable trunkbut there is also a more sensible station wagon.

The price of such hybrids starts from 159 thousand. zlotys. For a rich article you have to pay about 170-190 thousand. PLN, and for the Vignale version even more than 195 thousand. zlotys. Diesel currently costs dealers from 143 thousand. PLN to more than 200 thousand. zlotys for Vignale versions. All are equipped with automatic transmissions and some with AWD drive.