The end of the contract with the operator is an opportunity for positive change.  See what you can count on

The end of the contract with the operator is an opportunity for positive change. See what you can count on

When do we change the devices we use now? Of course, when this stops being enough or for some other reason we won’t be able to continue using it. However, it still very often coincides with the end of the current contract with the operator. Then the question arises: what to choose? There are a lot of possibilities, so we took the Plus version to the workshop to check out the most interesting options.

We are buying new appliances, so what should we choose?

Just a few years ago, buying equipment from the operator did not make sense. This was more expensive and caused additional problems in use – do you still remember simlocks? Today, there are no such problems anymore, quite the opposite. Today, Plus often shows that it is the only operator to introduce special equipment for sale. This is worth knowing especially in the context of the development of the 5G network, which without the right smartphones, routers and modems could not gain more popularity. This applies especially to cheaper models.

Therefore, if your contract with the operator ends and you are wondering what to choose and if you will transfer your number, we will look at the Plus version. At the same time, let’s remember that it is not necessary to focus only on smartphones.

Wi-Fi throughout the house

So, before moving on to mobile phones, let’s take care of proper internet throughout the house. Plus covers the subject in depth and offers both fiber and mobile versions. As an old part, we can, for example, calculate a speed of up to 300 Mb / s for PLN 49 per month.. At the same time, we get access to Disney+ as a gift for one year and an additional mobile package (5 GB).

However, we would talk about the equipment, and above you see the modem and the router. This is a great recommendation for those who do not yet have access to a high-speed cable connection, but the Plus with its 5G (the fastest in Poland) already does. External modem ZTE MC889 5G allows you to achieve better results thanks to the built-in Qualcomm Snapdragon X62 modem. The link is then quickly distributed throughout the home via the router ZTE T3000 with Wi-Fi 6 support.

Such a set also allows for more expansion, easy and efficient due to the support of Easy Mesh technology, and the daily operation is simplified, among others and. through the presence of the NFC module. The router supports this two WAN connectionsso that we can connect two types of Internet access at the same time to be ready for any situation.

We can buy a modem and router set from ZTE in 24 installments and pay PLN 40 per month for 2 years (+ PLN 50 to start with). For this, we recommend choosing a subscription of PLN 69 / month. And 200 GB internet package with the fastest 5G in the market. And here comes Disney+ again as a gift for the year.

On the other hand, if you just need a router with a built-in 5G modem, it’s definitely worth recommending OPPO 5G CPE T1a. In one device we get the latest solutions. We can buy this router by registering for PLN 69 / month. for Plus in 24 installments of PLN 40 each (+ PLN 50 to start).

Home tablets and smartphones for everyday use

Since we already have fast and reliable Internet access at home, it is worth buying the right equipment to be able to use it to the fullest. Tablets are facing their second youthwhich turns out to be a perfect compromise between a smartphone and a laptop. Especially in home situations when we want to surf the web or watch movies.

It turns out to be a very good suggestion to start here Samsung Galaxy Tab A8, which combines a large, 10-inch display with beautiful design and the best software from the manufacturer. Due to the presence of an LTE modem on board, we can buy equipment and subscriptions for an indefinite period of time, which It works on a no-use-no-pay basis. If in an emergency we have to use the Internet (up to 2 GB) or call, then we will pay PLN 10 immediately. On the other hand, the tablet itself can be purchased in 12 installments for PLN 116.50 per month (+ PLN 1 to start).

If we need equipment for higher tasks and it will also be useful in daily work, this is where it comes Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 5G. A bigger display with higher visibility and better features will allow you to do more advanced activities.

As the name suggests, there is also a 5G modem on board, so we can choose a subscription of, for example, PLN 49 per month (the first month is free). As part of it, we will receive a 100 GB data package and access to Disney + as a gift for one year. In turn, the tablet itself can be purchased in 12-month installments of PLN 312.50 / month. (+ PLN 399 to start).

A smart watch for every occasion

Theoretically, they are smart watches that we rarely change, but we also get used to them for a long time, so if there is an opportunity to buy new devices, why not go in this direction? It is worth choosing a universal watch, as smart as possible, and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is definitely one that comes in two sizes: 40 and 44 mm. With its help, we can not only monitor various parameters of our daily life, but also pay electronically thanks to the help of Google Pay.

In Plus Galaxy Watch5 in the limited version, it is available in 12 installments for PLN 99.82 per month (+ PLN 1 to start). For a large model, the standard commitment is PLN 104. We can also choose a smart watch subscription, you don’t use it – you don’t pay.

There were no smartphones

OK, but what would shopping with a mobile operator be like without a smartphone offer? As with laptops, we can choose a phone according to our needs. For those who don’t want to spend a lot of money, but expect the latest technology, sure you will love the examples Samsung Galaxy A54 5G or a complete novel in the form of motorola edge 40. This first we can buy for a subscription of PLN 59 / month. for 12 installments of PLN 187.5/month (+ PLN 249 to start), and the second for PLN 225/month (+PLN 299 to start). Both models offer a successful set of cameras and draw a lot from their flagship counterparts.

Speaking of flagship models, the Samsung Galaxy S23 comes in handy, which probably needs no introduction. However, it combines the most important innovations from the top shelf with a small size, which today is free to find elsewhere. In Plus we can buy Galaxy S23 128GB in 12 phases for PLN 345.83 per month (+ PLN 449 initially) or the version with more memory – 256GB – for PLN 499 initially and 12 phases for PLN 358.33.

On the other hand, people who prefer iOS you will definitely enjoy the iPhone 14 series plan. As part of it, we pay a fixed monthly subscription to replace the smartphone with a new one from Apple after two years. In addition, we can choose a subscription for, for example, PLN 59 per month for a year, with which we receive unlimited calls, SMS and MMS, as well as 50 GB of transfer in the fastest 5G network. Naturally, there’s also Disney+ for a year as a bonus. Plus EXCHANGE iPhone allows you to pay PLN 129.49 per month iPhone 14 128GB (+ PLN 499 to start) or PLN 166.11 per iPhone 14 Pro 128GB (+ PLN 699 for the start).

So, which option did you like best? Finally, remember that the more services you combine, the better deal you get.