The family of the world football champion against the English federation …

The family of the world football champion against the English federation …

The family of Nobby Stiles, the world football champion in 1966 with England, suffering from dementia and who died in 2020, announced their intention to file a complaint against the English Football Association (FA). He accuses him of not having enough protection for players against head injuries.

London-based law firm Rylands, which represents the families of former footballers including Nobby Stiles and rugby players, is accusing the FA and other bodies of failing to take action to prevent head-butting in training and matches.

Stiles died at the age of 78 in October 2020, and experts have determined that he suffered from chronic traumatic brain injury, a brain disease caused by blows to the head.

“Since his father’s death, I have been involved in a campaign to expose the football scandal of people with dementia in all its aspects,” said his son, John Stiles.

Three other players from the 1966 world champions team that beat Germany 4-2 in the final at Wembley – Jack Charlton, Martin Peters and Ray Wilson – have died of dementia in recent years.

Bobby Charlton, the brother of Manchester United teammate Jack and Stiles, also has dementia, according to a study revealed last year.

Legal action against rugby’s governing bodies has already been launched by former players such as Steve Thompson, the 2003 world champion who suffered dementia aged just 44.

A study published last month by Glasgow neurologist, Willie Stewart, estimated that high-risk athletes are more likely to develop neurological diseases such as dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and disorders of the nervous system. nerves (PAP).

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