The fastest shoes in the world, for walking at running speed [+VIDEO]

The fastest shoes in the world, for walking at running speed [+VIDEO]

Not skates but shoes and, once worn, allows you to increase normal walking speed by 250%

  • Moonwalkers are a shoe that allows you to increase the speed of normal walking
  • If at a walking pace you travel about 4.5 kilometers per hour, with Wanyamwezi you do 11.
  • The artificial intelligence system adapts to body movements by controlling the speed of the shoes
  • They can be recharged with a standard USB cable and have a range of 10 km
  • These shoes are currently only available in the US at a cost of around 1000 euros

They look like skates but they are shoesyou can walk on it normally but at running speed. Moon walkers is a new product created by Shift Robotics that allows pedestrians to increase their speed by 250%.

The fastest shoe in the world

In several videos released by the company, people wearing the shoes walk around the city, in offices and in various outdoor and indoor areas walking at a higher than normal speed. If at walking speed you travel about 4.5 kilometers per hour, with Wanyamwezi you can cover a distance of 11 kilometers at a time.

Xunjie Zhang, CEO of Shift Robotics says Moonwalker is «the fastest shoe in the world». Zhang has a background in robotics engineering. He has a master’s degree in mechatronics from Carnegie Mellon University and worked for over three years at Rolls-Royce. To create the Moonwalker, he brought together a team of race car engineers, robotics experts and shoe designers. It has launched a fundraiser to fund the project, raising 300,000 euros, and has already received nearly 2,000 orders for the shoes.

Multi-brake system

People who have already tried them have found themselves very satisfied with the product. The only drawback is excessively high cost: around 1000 euroscurrently available only in the US and in limited sizes.

But how do Moonwalkers work? The company notes that they are not skates but shoes, and by putting them on the feet, one does not skate but walks. They are available to everyone, even those who have never skated. The system of artificial intelligence it copes with the movements of the body and especially the legs by controlling the movement. The wheels don’t spin as freely as they do with skates, but they are there multi-brake system which allows the wheels to turn only in conjunction with the movement of the person. This allows you to safely go up and down stairs, public transport and sidewalks. Moving becomes more practical and faster. They can be charged anywhere with any USB charger, complete the charge in an hour and a half and have 10 kilometers away.

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The company claims that learning how to use it is easy and immediate, and already after 10 minutes of wearing, one can move easily. Moonwalkers adapt to any shoe and have padding to make walking more comfortable.

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