The FAZ Institute and Cision present the German Photo Award 2022 to Mercedes-Benz

The FAZ Institute and Cision present the German Photo Award 2022 to Mercedes-Benz

FRANKFURT, Germany, June 1 /PRNewswire/ –

CEO Ola Källenius and Head of Communications and Marketing Bettina Fetzer were awarded prestigious prizes from the FAZ Institute, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and the Cision/Award ceremony at the “German Brand Summit”

This year, an international jury will present the prestigious “German Image Award” to the CEO of Mercedes-Benz (, Ola Källenius, and to his head of communications and marketing, Bettina Fetzer.

The highly successful and professional work of the two managers and their teams is reflected in the good reputation of CEO Ola Källenius in the media.

Ola Källenius has been the CEO of the Mercedes-Benz Group (formerly Daimler AG) and the successor of Dieter Zetsche since 2019. He started his career in 1993 at what was then called Daimler-Benz AG. After various positions in the company, he was appointed to the Management Board in 2015.

Media analysis by FAZ-Institut ( and Cision ( in 2021/2022 resulted in high Källenius values ​​in public. presentation. 93% of all judgments given by journalists in traditional media about him are positive. His reputation is consistently above that of the company as a whole. Almost no other CEO of Dax is more visible than him, his main topics are his company’s green revolution and the elegant new strategy.

The manager’s magazine judged him: “Ola Källenius draws long lines and responds quickly. Daimler changes quickly. The greening of Daimler happens very quickly, frequently and is also shown by a new willingness to negotiate and learn that the manager’s magazine named him, Manager of the Year .”

Källenius’ excellent position was also made possible by the many years of international experience and the professional work of the Mercedes-Benz communication team.

Responsible for this is the communication and marketing department under the leadership of Bettina Fetzer. As Head of Corporate Communications, Tobias Just is responsible for the press position of the CEO of Mercedes-Benz.

Fetzer studied business management and has held various positions in sales and communications since joining the group in 2004. In 2018, Fetzer took over the sales management of Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars. Since mid-2021 he has led the joint areas of communication and marketing at Mercedes-Benz.

The two winners follow last year’s winners Dr. Martin Brudermuller and Dr. Nina Schwab-Hautzinger from BASF (, who will also pay tribute to their successors at the award ceremony on September 15.

About the “German Photo Award”:

FAZ Institute (, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung ( and Cision ( present “German Photo Award” every year. The award is given to CEOs with the best international media image for excellent management performance and communication managers responsible for their successful communication.


The winners of the “German Photo Awards” are decided every year in a two-stage process. The first step is a scientific media content analysis of several thousands of German and international opinion leader media. It is done systematically and continuously by the FAZ Institute and Cision Germany. In the second stage, an international jury of seven people evaluates the test data and then selects the winners.

The “German Image Award 2022” will be presented as part of the evening program of the “15th German Brand Summit (” on September 15, 2022. Registration for the event is still possible :

Previous award winners:

2021: Dr. Martin Budermuller and Dr. I have Schwab-Hautzinger, BASF

2019: Dr. Theodor Weimer and Ingrid M. Haas, Deutsche Börse AG

2018: Kasper Rorsted and Jan Runau, Adidas AG

2017: Dr. Frank Appel and Prof. Christof Ehrhart, Deutsche Post DHL AG

2016: Dr. Karl Ludwig Kley and Dr. Walter Huber, Merck KGaA

2015: Dr. Dieter Zetsche and Jörg Howe, Daimler AG

The jury consists of:

Gerald Braunberger, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Frankfurt

Ingrid Haas, Deutsche Boerse AG, Frankfurt

Dr. Gero Kalt, FAZ Institute, Frankfurt

Thomas Leitner, Cision, Frankfurt

Professor Dietrich Ratzke, Frankfurt

Prof. Lothar Rolke, University of Applied Sciences, Mainz

Prof. Stephan Russ-Mohl, Università della Svizzera Italiana, Lugano

Dr. Nina Schwab-Hautzinger, BASF, Ludwigshafen

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