The Ferrari driver hates the judges.  George Russell treated indulgently?

The Ferrari driver hates the judges. George Russell treated indulgently?

George Russell spoiled Carlos Sainz’s US GP performance, but only received a 5 second penalty for hitting the Ferrari driver. The Spaniard has no doubt that the opponent deserves a harsher punishment. “The judges were very kind to him,” he said.

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Carlos Sainz

Press / Ferrari / Photo: Carlos Sainz

Carlos Sainz had a real chance at the US GP, as the Ferrari driver had taken the pole position and expected a good result in Austin. However, when he got to the first corner, he was overtaken by Max Verstappen, and moments later he was overtaken by George Russell. The Spaniard spun, crashed at the end of Formula 1 and had to stop driving further due to car damage.

The competitor from Mercedes received a penalty of 5 seconds for causing the accident, which, however, did not have a significant effect on his results, because Russell still reached the finish line of the American GP in fifth place. According to Sainz, the British driver deserved greater consequences for his actions.

“I always appreciate a driver who can apologize in person immediately after a run, and that was the case with George.” I respect that, but that doesn’t mean I’m satisfied. The referees were very lenient with him considering the consequences of his behaviour, Sainz told Sky Sports.

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The Ferrari driver insisted he was unable to avoid contact midway through the first corner. – I don’t think I can do anything else. I fought with Max, who stretched his arm and had to break hard when coming out of the corner. We came out of the corner with him, and George hit me right. It’s a pity, he said.

– This is the most anticipated event in the middle of the field where there are many other cars around you. I have not seen such an event happen in the top four. That’s why I was so confused after the race. I accepted George’s apology, but there was nothing else I could do,” he added.

For Sainz, it was another race in 2022, as he took part in the first round event that ended his F1 career. In the past, similar situations took place, among others in Australia and Japan. In the case of the US GP, the mistake was more painful as the Ferrari driver had previously taken the top position in qualifying.

– It was one of the most difficult moments of the season. It was really sad as it had been a great weekend so far. My race was marred by an event beyond my control. It is difficult to accept. Especially since it has happened to me several times this year. It is sometimes in motorsport or in life that you have to go through a difficult period – concluded Sainz.

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