The Ferrari SP48 Unica was made to order.  The Italians fulfilled their client’s request

The Ferrari SP48 Unica was made to order. The Italians fulfilled their client’s request

The Ferrari SP48 Unica was created as part of a program of special projects, thanks to which unique cars with a galloping horse logo on the hood are built and distinguished by unique solutions, developed according to the needs of the customer. This not only ensures their unique character – often unique pieces, the so-called One Offer – but also allows buyers to realize their ideas and dreams. Of course, to the exact extent, which remains a secret for both parties. Surprisingly, the whole process takes more than a year on average. Meanwhile, the design team from the Ferrari Styling Center develops customer concepts, produces detailed designs and builds the car to the Maranello company’s highest standards.

Ferrari SP48 Unica – every detail refined

It was no different in the case of the newest SP48 Unica. It is a sports berlinetta built to the specifications of one customer as a reflection of his individual needs. The car was designed on the F8 Tributto platform by the Ferrari Styling Center under the direction of Flavio Manzoni. Thanks to the buyer’s suggestions, it got a personalized body with an arrow-shaped front profile and a completely changed front apron. The aerodynamics package has also been improved – the most significant changes in the design of the F8 Tributo include the engine cooling air intake in the front bumper and under the rear spoiler, placing the intercooler intake directly behind the side windows, which his side has allowed. intake dimensions on the sides are reduced, and the rear overhang is extended, which should reduce the absorption force from the roof surface and increase the rear force. The rear diffuser with dual tailpipes has also been extended. Also catching the eye are the modified headlights, individually designed wheels, black graphics in the middle of the roof and the absence of the rear window, which has been replaced by a carbon engine hood integrated into the rear spoiler.

Ferrari did not release pictures of the interior, but some details can be seen in a video rendering of the model. It is known that the cabin took the solution known from the F8 Tributto, which received more or less changes. Especially for the SP48 Unica, black Alcantara, with laser perforations has been made for the seats and most of the cabin trim, in which the reflections of the red-orange fabric are contrasted with the color of the body, reminiscent of the hexagonal motif of mesh and structure on the roof. The polished edge guards with the same laser-hexagonal pattern and matte carbon fiber on the dashboard also catch the eye.

Ferrari SP48 Unica – under the hood of the V8

The technical data of the model has not been revealed, but since it is based on the F8 Tributto, it can be assumed that it is powered by the 3.9 V8 twin turbo engine that can be found in the series model. That means 720hp, a maximum torque of 770Nm for the rear wheels through a 7-speed F1 gearbox, and incredible performance, including acceleration to “hundreds” in less than 3 seconds and a top speed of 340 km/h .

Ferrari SP48 Unica – in our opinion

Ferrari’s special design department has created another work of art. The only thing left is to envy customers with the possibility of sponsoring such a unique product and to congratulate the brand’s engineers on their craftsmanship. There will be many people for the next “One-off”. After all, it’s a good idea to complete your collection with a good investment.