The FIA ​​clarifies after the Ferrari F1 protest and returns from the pit after the regulations

The FIA ​​clarifies after the Ferrari F1 protest and returns from the pit after the regulations

Lars Leeftink

Ferrari protests after the Monaco race have ensured that race director Niels Wittich clarified the rules at the entrance and exit of the pit road before the race weekend in Baku.

In Monaco, Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen went to the border after a standstill. According to Ferrari, both drivers, who came to the line just ahead of Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc, had gone up and down the line. According to Ferrari, that deserved punishment, after which a protest was launched. The protest was rejected by the FIA ​​because Perez and Verstappen did not cross the line and the entire tire. However, it was not mentioned that way in the Event Notes (where drivers were asked to sit on the right side of the line and all parts of the car), while international sports regulations say so. The FIA ​​based its decision on this. It caused confusion in Ferrari, among others. The FIA ​​wants to block this coming weekend.


Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto said after the Monaco race that it was not a Red Bull attack. The main goal was to make the rules clear by the FIA. The Automotive Sports Association has now complied with and revised the existing rules on Event Notes before the weekend in Baku. “According to Chapters 4, Articles 4 and 5 of the ISC Appendix L, drivers must follow the procedures to enter and exit the pit.” So rules are no longer created differently in Event Notes. References are now made to the code. They say that no car tire can completely cross the line on the way out of a ditch. So what Perez and Verstappen did in Monaco is allowed. This gives Ferrari the clarity they were looking for and there can be no confusion in Azerbaijan.