The FIAT 126 is ready to return: the first photos are already visible on the web

The FIAT 126 is ready to return: the first photos are already visible on the web

Whoever had it still has it in their hearts. The FIAT 126 may return to tread Italian roads, although there are some differences.

Small and rude. It is suitable for those who had to make a short trip and did not need a lot of space. The 126tha symbol of the car industry of the seventies and eighties, at least in Italy, may return soon. Created from 1972 to 2000, with the intention of relaunching its historical models, FIAT may decide to put it back into production in full compliance with modern mobility needs.. A possibility that is not at all unlikely, considering that the Stellantis Group has already set close release dates for some of its highly anticipated luxury cars.

FIAT 126 ready to return to the market (Pixabay) – Mondofuoristrada

We are referring specifically to the Alfa Romeo B segment SUV, instead of the 500 in electric version or the Panda, also fully electric planned for the second half of 2023. And the return to the market of the legendary 500 Abarth cannot be. excluded either.

The new FIAT 126, how could it be

At the same time, while waiting for the ok from the Turin company, one wanted to think how that little gem that was 126 could be changed. On the You Tube channel “damor 85” the presentation appeared showing the car very close to the original. Compact, again with small dimensions and retro lines, marries the “restomod” style that is fashionable now..

With the preservation of the traditional profile, and the addition of the most advanced technology regarding the interior. On the front of the livery, two outfits are speculated. One overall white or cream, the other two tone with a white top and wood brown underside. As far as the engine is concerned, we can only guess that staying true to the desire to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, the choice falls on hybrid or 100% green.

It is clear that we are in the field of pure innovation, but it is said that the engineers of the Euro-American giant are not taking a cue from this video to make the idea a reality.

Fiat 126, tablets of history

Let us now try to retrace the steps of this beautiful machine. His reference was the City Taxi designed by Pio Manzù in 1968, it was presented at the Turin Auto Show in ’72. His job was to replace the 500, which he copied mechanics. The main novel concerned the body, based on the principle of differential resistance to increase safety. Other modified features compared to the prototype model, the fuel tank moved from the trunk under the rear seat. And a four-speed synchronized gearbox. From 1978 the rack and pinion operating system will also be adopted instead of the screw system.

Old FIAT 126 (Pixabay) – World of Off-road

As far as the engine is concerned, there were no changes. It was actually the same air-cooled twin cylinder. Displacement was 594 cm3, for 23 hp. The interior, controls and equipment were brand new, well finished. Available in a closed body design with a canvas sunroof, it had squarer shapes, better space and better performance than its predecessor.

1976 was the year of the second series with three variants. Production ceased with the arrival of the new millenniumor. 1,352,912 specimens produced by factories located in Italy, Poland, Austria ex Yugoslavia.