The Fiat Fastback brings together everything a customer wants in an SUV

The Fiat Fastback brings together everything a customer wants in an SUV

Fiat Fastback is the Italian brand’s big launch for 2022. In just two months, it has already sold more than 10,000 units. And if it continues at that pace, the coupe SUV has everything to become the main reference of the segment in 2023. But it is not a matter of chance, this car was millimetrically designed to be a leader in the hottest market segment.

Today, one in every three cars sold in Brazil is an SUV. In total, there are 556 thousand out of nearly 1.6 million units licensed between January and October, according to the National Federation of Automobile Distributors (Fenabrave). That is, the Brazilian wants an SUV, as well as in the rest of the world. It was not a surprise for Fiat.


And as Fiat is an Italian brand, the best analogy we can make is the kitchen. A good “cucina della mamma” must combine three things: equipment, ingredients and good cooks. And in the case of the Fastback, it was “prepared” in one of the best facilities that Stellantis has, Polo Automotivo de Betim (MG).

retrograde style

But the challenge was how to produce an SUV that avoids the uniformity of SUVs? A unique recipe. And the answer is in the name itself. Fastback is a body style, with a flare leaning on the last column. The style adopted by coupe-type models.

The Fiat Fastback’s coupe styling makes it an SUV unlike any other

Among SUVs, this is a trend that has been gaining ground, but in luxury groups, with very expensive values. But Fiat did not create a car to sell a few units, so it created an idea to test public reception. Tasting the ingredients, sticking to the kitchen analogy.

concept car

It was the Fastback, presented at the 2018 Motor Show. Beautiful and inconvenient, this concept was a true automotive sensation, overshadowing even supercars. It was the green light for the Design Center team, installed at the Stellantis Automotive Center, in Betim, to start the project.

fiat fastback concept car 2018
The concept presented at the 2018 Auto Show was accepted by the public (Photo: AutoPapo Cover)

With mutual consent, the team began to draw sketches of the coupe SUV. To compile Fastback, the brand used the standard MLA platform. This foundation started on Pulse. And because it was modular, engineers were able to adjust the dimensions of the platform to fit the design.

And since the engineering team is also based at the Stellantis premises, in Betim, it was a matter of flying from one warehouse to another. Everything that was created and defined was converted into data by the “Mathematics” people, as they call the computer team.

Even before the first Fastback plate was molded in the factory machines, the Fastback shapes were ready and visible and, more interestingly, animated. That’s right, because in this computer lab it is possible to create a complete virtual version. There, the data of the engine, transmission, suspension, steering, deformation points, body types and even the texture of the equipment were uploaded.

Fiat Fastback 2023 interior front profile details 3
Even before the first test started, the SUV coupe already existed in the digital environment

In normal conditions, it was possible to find out the frequency of vibration of the suspension, how it shone in the cabin. It was possible to identify and eliminate any kind of noise produced by the car. And if that was not enough, it was already possible to know how much it would accelerate and even how the bodywork would be damaged in a collision.

It sounds like something from a fictional movie, but it’s the truth. After everything was calculated, it was enough to start the production of prototypes and conduct tests of flight, resistance, fatigue and collision. Everything had physical confirmation of what the computer had already shown. And once again, inside the Polo Automotivo, even a crash test.

Fiat Fastback Engines

The Fiat Fastback project was well calculated as you can see. Even before the car took its first lap at the Betim and Curvelo test grounds, or wandered the streets of the capital city of Belo Horizonte (MG), everything about this car was familiar.

Fiat Fastback 2023 interior front profile details 9
The GSE 1.0 engine produces 130 hp and has a modern CVT gearbox

To equip the Fastback, the brand chose two engines: the GSE 1.0 Turbo with 130 hp and 20.4 kgfm of torque and the GSE 1.3 turbo with 185 hp and 27.5 kgfm of torque. These engines are produced in the new Stellantis engine division, which is also located in Polo Automotivo de Betim. That is, it was crossing one more shawl.

To connect the engine to the wheels, Fiat chose two gearboxes. For the 1.0 turbo engine, a seven-speed CVT automatic transmission was selected. A set that has already been confirmed in Pulse. The 185 hp 1.3-liter engine was combined with a six-speed automatic transmission. A perfect combination like guavas and cheese, or pomodoro sauce on spaghetti.

Fiat Fastback 2023 interior front profile details 6
The 185 hp 1.3 engine makes the Fastback a true sports car

The engine provides a sporty character, with acceleration figures from 0 to 100 km / h in 9.4 seconds and a top speed of 196 km / h, with a 1.0 turbo engine. When the Fastback receives the 1.3 unit, the time from 0 to 100 km / h is 8.1 seconds. The maximum speed jumps up to 210 km / h.

Engine mount options are also memory. According to the Inmetro labeling software, the usage data is:

Audace Turbo 200 and Impetus Turbo 200

  • Urban: 8.1 km/l (A) and 11.3 km/l (G)
  • Road: 9.7 km/l (A) and 13.9 km/l (G)

Limited Edition Turbo 270

  • Urban: 7.9 km/l (A) and 11.3 km/l (G)
  • Road: 9.7 km/l (A) and 13.6 km/l (G)

Versions and contents

Anyone who knows how to cook knows that every recipe calls for something different. For the Fiat Fastback menu, three versions were chosen. Two with a 1.0-liter engine and a top-of-the-line CVT box and a 1.3-liter block with a six-speed transmission.

Fiat Fastback 2023 interior front profile details 15 1
The dashboard is bold and ergonomically styled, all instruments are close and easy to read

And each version has an extensive list of ingredients, which includes everything that customers had already pointed out to the marketing team, long before the recipe went into the oven. Although the chef never reveals a secret, in the case of Fastback, the Italians make a point of listing what each version offers, as it is so filling that it is interesting. are they:

Fiat Fastback Audace Turbo 200

  • electric steering
  • digital air conditioner
  • Integrated 8.4-inch multimedia (with wireless connectivity for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, plus a reversing camera)
  • Inductive mobile phone charging
  • electronic parking brake
  • Auto Hold Function
  • Rear sensor
  • Automatic emergency brake
  • collision alert
  • track stay track
  • High beam with direct beam adjustment
  • Front and side airbags
  • 17 inch wheels

Fiat Fastback Impetus Turbo 200

  • Multimedia center 10.1
  • Digital instrument panel
  • Leather upholstered seats
  • front parking sensor
  • 18 inch wheels

Limited Edition Turbo 270

All this, served with a complete finish, with the use of modern equipment and proper assembly. The design of the panel and the instrument panel and multimedia in one plane, allows easy reading without affecting the view of the road. The controls are also ergonomically positioned.

Fiat Fastback 2023 interior front profile details 10 1
The control module is slightly angled for better comfort and ease of use

An interesting detail is the orientation of the key modules. Unlike vertically mounted controls, the Fastback has controls that are placed slightly lower. This makes it easy to get orders quickly and comfortably.

SUV coupe dimensions

The Fiat Fastback is powerful, beautiful and equipped, but it also needs to be spacious. Despite being placed in the compact SUV segment, the model is 4.43 m long (average dimensions of the model).

Fiat Fastback 2023 interior front profile details 8
A large trunk, with 516 liters of volumetric capacity ensures plenty of cargo space

The wide wheelbase provides plenty of space for those on board. The coupe SUV got slightly recessed rear seats. They increase the comfort of the second row passengers. The trunk already holds 516 liters, which makes the Fastback more spacious in the segment.

Back Prices

As in any self-respecting cantina, the price on the menu is a big deal. And in the case of the Fastback, Fiat was right and adapted the values ​​​​of the coupe SUV in the most competitive range of the segment, but with the advantage of providing safety, style, technology and performance in one “plate”.

Fiat Fastback 2023 interior front profile details 16
The attractive design is different in the compact SUV segment

Version Price
Audace Turbo 200 BRL 131,490
200 Turbo Boost BRL 142,490
Limited Edition Turbo 270 BRL 154,990

With all these ingredients, Fastback is like a perfect Italian recipe. There is no way it won’t work.


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