The first details about the price of the monster electric car have emerged

The first details about the price of the monster electric car have emerged

With the EV9, Kia has a big brother to the successful EV6 electric car, which is set to celebrate its market launch in 2023. However, official details about the monster SUV are still scarce. The American brand’s consumer research is now shedding light on some key data, including pricing.

Kia takes a deep dive: A super electric car could be a bargain

That could be from $56,000 to $73,000. Converted to current costs of around 51,500 to more than 67,000 euros. The various prices are based on the Kia survey conducted by the Kia Telluride driver and his colleagues Electrek has shared The Telluride is Kia’s largest passenger car to date — at least until the EV9 is introduced.

It is unclear whether US prices in the study included tax. So, even with these initial asking prices, it could still be with a large deficit. In addition, Kia should hope that the survey will give a sense of the situation in terms of price and equipment of the new electric SUV. So we cannot consider the upper or lower limit as fixed.

Instead, Kia is showing one The direction the EV9 could go – and it’s very promising. Because Kia has created a large electric SUV with seven seats and a third row of seats. If you can price it at this level, the South Koreans would It is clear to reduce competition in the US market. The Model X and Rivian R1S are considered to be compatible electric SUVs (source: Insideevs), at least as far as space is concerned. Both go for more money.

Upon request, Kia confirmed the investigation in the US to Electrek. But the car manufacturer also makes it clear that it is The price is not a fixed number. A lot could change before the official launch later this year.

Here’s how Kia sees the EV9 as a concept:

Kia Concept EV9 trailer

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If the column is part of it, we don’t know. According to the study, between 350 and 460 km lies If that’s true, Kia makes a compromise here. When presenting the EV9 concept, you planned and up to 540 km.

Additionally, Kia is asking for a total of five trim levels. Various ranges are offered, and there are also sunless versions with different engine power levels. Customers also have to choose between wheel sizes, all-wheel drive is also an option. However, it is unlikely that five variants will ultimately win – especially at the time of the market launch.

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