The first electric Maserati has more than 880 kW

The first electric Maserati has more than 880 kW

( – Folgore is the Italian word for electricity. Electric cars from Maserati will operate under this name. This is how the Italian brand Stellantis is now announcing and announcing its plans to launch its first electric models.

Maserati Granturismo Folgore


As announced in the summer, the GranTurismo (buy a used Maserati GranTurismo now) will be the brand’s first electric model. At that time, the first teaser images were shown, now Maserati presents three more images showing the car in the dark.

The car will be built at the Mirafiori factory in Turin and will be on the market in 2023, according to the Italians.

300 km/h top speed and 880 kW

Maserati still does not provide any information on the technology of the GranTurismo Folgore in its press release, but the following chart can be found in the presentation attached to the business statistics, according to which the car will have more than 1,200 HP (ie more than 880 kW. ) The car should reach normal speed up to 100 km / h in “2.XX seconds” and the maximum speed will be more than 300 km / h.

A few basic details of the Folgore drive were announced earlier: It consists of an electric motor in the front and two electric motors in the rear. The battery works at 800 volts and can be charged up to 300 kW, and there are also inverters with silicon carbide technology.

There’s no word yet on battery size and range, but the official launch shouldn’t take place until next year. The GranCabrio (the open version of the GranTurismo) will also be electrified in 2023:

From 2025 only fully electric Maserati models

An electric version of the Grecale will also follow next year. The mid-size SUV will be delivered in a few days, but initially only with combustion engines and as a plug-in hybrid.

From 2025, all Maserati models will be available in an electric-only version, including the MC20 super sports car, the Quattroporte sports sedan and the five-meter Levante SUV. The one placed under the Quattroporte Ghibli five meter sedan not mentioned in this context. From 2030, the entire Maserati range should be fully electric, which means that Maserati will only offer electric cars.

¿pbfs||pb¿”All Maserati models will come in a 100% electric version by 2025: the super sports car MC20, the new Quattroporte sport sedan and the Levante full-size SUV will complete the Maserati Folgore range, to attract new consumers of luxury in all market segments.” (Maserati Statement)

Development and production in Italy only

Maserati’s electrification is part of Stellantis Group’s initiative “Dare Forward 2030” was announced on March 1. At that time it was said that Maserati would only bring electric cars to the market from 2024. In addition, CEO Carlos Tavares announced that Stellantis will only sell electric cars in Europe from 2030 – so it is not surprising that Maserati will also be an electric brand in 2030.

Maserati insists that all new models must be developed and produced 100 percent in Italy. The electrical systems are said to be in line with the brand’s standards, but it looks like they will be adopted by Stellantis:

“All new models of the brand will be developed, designed and produced 100 percent in Italy, and will adopt electric power plants, to bring great innovation and high performance, both typical of Maserati’s DNA.” (Maserati Statement)

It is safe to assume that the new Maseratis will be based on STLA Medium or STLA Large. These have a range of up to 700 or 800 km. If an 800 volt system is on board then only the EDM#3 electric drive unit, which supports 150 to 330 kW per unit, as we have done since then. Stellanti EV Day last summer to know With three 330 kW units, a system output of 890 kW will not be a problem.

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