The first hybrid SUV makes a debut –

The first hybrid SUV makes a debut –

There fifth generation Lexus RX arrives in showrooms to mark a new chapter in the history of the model which, in 1998, introduced the concept of the luxury SUV and which, in 2005, Hybrid technology started in the sports utility vehicle. The technology that in the new RX is carried out even in three: RX 350hwith the known perfect combination of the Japanese manufacturer in the key released, the The 450h+ plug-in can be recharged at the tap and the 500h with a high-performance hybrid turbo., a six-speed automatic gearbox and Direct4 all-wheel drive management. Three different personalities for the car that make up the market, not translate, and more than 3.5 million units have been sold worldwide, 300,000 of them in Europe.

Lexus RX, design

New Length of Lexus RX 4,890 mm, similar to the previous generation, but decreases the length by 10 mm, which is now a mark of 1,710 mm, and increases the width by 25 mm – for a total of 1,920 mm – and the track by 15 mm at the front and by 50. mm at the back. The result is a slimmer and more powerful body of the car, and the front is dominated by the hourglass grille, a distinctive feature of all Lexus models, but is further integrated into a complex of three horizontally cut LED headlights and daytime running lights. L.
The cockpit of the new RX it maintains the Lexus concept of quality gathered in minimalist silhouettes and carefully assembled materials of fine craftsmanship. Seating capacity for five passengers is significantly increased thanks to an increase in the distance between front and rear occupants and newly designed front seats, with tighter backrests but with superior ergonomic support.
Attention to the driver it goes through the place where it focuses on information, from the dashboard and infotainment, on that horizontal line, avoiding unnecessary distractions. The interior environment is of the highest standard, one travels in a relaxing and completely silent environment.

Engines and components

There The RX 350h, the entry-level version of the range, brings full hybrid technology as a dowry. of the fourth generation with a 2.5 liter petrol engine, which displays 250 horsepower and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.9 seconds, a performance comparable to the original RX 450h but with lower emissions of 149 grams per kilometer traveled, and an average consumption of 6.6 liters per 100 km (Wltp cycle). e-Four electric all-wheel drive as standard. Hybrid technology debuts on the new RX 450h+ with a four-cylinder petrol engine paired with an electric motor. placed on the rear axle, to ensure the E-Four’s all-wheel drive, powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 18.1 kWh. The power represents 309 horsepower and acceleration from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 6.5 seconds, average consumption is 1.2 liters per 100 kilometers and 26 grams of CO2 emitted per kilometer traveled. The range in all-electric mode is approximately 65 km. The Lexus RX 500h is the first model of the entire Japanese group to use a hybrid turbo system with a 2.4-liter engine with a total power of 371 horsepower.. Instead of a continuously variable automatic transmission, there is a 6-speed automatic that has a clutch on both sides. A solution that will make it possible in the future to change the rates between oil and electricity – today in favor of the past – giving the leading role to the zero-emission unit.

Lexus RX, fusion

On his dashboard multimedia screen, multi-information display, main gauge, instrument and head-up display they are grouped so that their content can be read with minimal eye and head movement. In addition to the integrated navigation as standard, the data communication module provides always-on connectivity, as well as real-time information on traffic incidents, accidents and road conditions. The new multimedia system includes intelligent voice assistant “Hey Lexus” which responds to questions and commands given in a normal speaking style. In addition to Lexus Link remote functions such as driver analysis, hybrid coaching, fuel level monitoring and “find my car” functions, in the case of the new RX 450h+ plug-in is added such as charge level monitoring. of battery and charge schedule.

Lexus RX, Adas

In 2016, the Lexus RX was the first Lexus model to receive Lexus Safety System+ technology, an integrated package of driver assistance devices now in its third generation. Improved Maritime Traffic Management so it now detects lane changes from those in front more quickly and, with updates to Lane Trace Assist, follows a more natural line through curves. Active Steering Assist is featured for the first time on the RX, which determines when there is a high probability of colliding with a pedestrian in front or with an object and also uses steering to avoid it. The Lexus+ Safety System is standard on all European versions, the package is available on the most complete configuration which also includes Lane Change Assist (LCA), capable of assisting the automatic steering to change lanes on the highway and Forward Traffic Alert . The latter uses radar tracking to warn the driver of approaching traffic from any direction.

Lexus RX 500H, behind the wheel

One car, three people, which we had the opportunity to drive. Lexus 350h it confirms its calling as a premium car with very high comfort, you travel in a real living room in complete silence, the hybrid engine runs smooth and round, if necessary to show the necessary panache to get out of the way when crossing quickly. The heart of the range, RX 450h+ allowing you to move in full electric mode for short urban trips, when the battery is depleted it works as a perfect combination of charging the battery in the deceleration phase and braking just enough to supply the electric motor with enough power to keep it running internally. symbiosis with that of heat. There RX 500h a surprise, a high-performance hybrid car, capable of being aggressive and with driving pleasure ordered not only by an engine that responds to the requests of the trigger, but also by a refined suspension set up on the road and with Direct4. a wheel-drive that – together with the rear steering wheel – provides amazing agility. All in all, a car that proves the creative calling of the RX.

Designs and prices

The starting point of the Rx range Executive trimavailable on the full hybrid 350h and on the plug-in 450h+ for the price of 8 respectively.0.000 and 89.000 euros. The equipment is very extensive, which includes, among others, the e-Four all-wheel drive, the basic and extended Safety packages of Lexus Safety System+, Lexus Link Pro infotainment with a 14-inch touchscreen, LED headlights, power tailgate, leather interior and electrically adjustable front seats and 21-inch alloy wheels.
The arrangement Luxury it’s only available on the Rx 450h+ and sits in the middle of the range, with a list price 97,000 euros. It brings everything that is already expected of the Executive and a series of “pluses” including high beam headlights, a camera with 360 vision, a digital interior mirror, adaptive suspension, heated and ventilated front seats, environment of LED in 64 colors, heated steering wheel and burnished alloy wheels.
On Lexus Rx equipment is installed F-Sportmore efficient and only available with the 500h turbo-hybrid engine at list price. 99,000 euros. It differs from Luxury in the Direct4 control system of all wheels, special front grille and bumpers, dedicated leather steering wheel and aluminum pedals, F-Sport leather interior and Dark alloy wheels.
Prices drop by €8,000 on all engines and versions thanks to Lexus Bonusesin the event of exchange or cancellation of contracts by March 31, 2023, also the position of Kinto One leasing formula and Lexus Easy financing. Maurizio Perinetti, Director of Lexus Italy, explains the strategy: The new RX fits into the electric strategy of Lexus which expects the adoption of all technologies – hybrid, plug-in and 100% electric – on the models being launched, including the RZ with zero. production. The sales target for the Italian market is 700 units per year, we believe the 450h+ will account for about half of the total registrations.

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