The first leaked image of the new Fiat 600

The first leaked image of the new Fiat 600

The first leaked image of the new Fiat 600

There New Fiat 600 is already ready for its advertising campaigns! This image was clearly created from a copy prepared for social media campaigns, with “More Amore” stickers accompanying the color schemes.

Instead of a Fiat 500X

So it’s time to retire the Fiat 500X: this B-segment SUV will have enabled the brand to increase its sales prices to the higher end market. This Italian cousin of Jeep Avengers will switch platforms on a regular basis with other Stellantis small crossovers. This will enable Fiat to offer its new 600 with petrol engines, but also in all electric.

Therefore, the Fiat 600 (or Seicento) always looks like a small SUV, with raised ground clearance, pointed wheel arches and shortened fenders. No frills on the profile, with standard door handles and a chrome strip above the side glazing. We also see the shape of the rear lights, in one block, vertical like on the 500. Up front, the fenders also seem to be heavily inspired by the electric 500. Even if the name changes on the 600, so we are still in the spirit of the SUV 500…

Various types of engines

Based on the CMP/eCMP platforms, the new Fiat 600 will therefore be offered in electric form. It will unsurprisingly take an engine of 115 kW, i.e. 156 hp, as in New 2008 Peugeot and Jeep Avenger. With a 54 kWh battery, you can expect a range of about 400 km.

But unlike The new Fiat 500 Electric only, the Fiat 600 will not leave the engine warm. This is also the case of the Jeep Avenger: if it is only offered in France in electric form, in other markets Jeep offers it with more available gasoline engines.

Therefore, the Fiat 600 SUV should take the 3-cylinder petrol 1.2 Puretech, in 100 hp and 130 hp. And it is very likely that it will benefit from a new version of 136 hp with a 48V light hybrid and an electric dual-clutch transmission from 2024.

The new model should be presented this year, with deliveries starting in early 2024.