The first new light trucks of the World Division to arrive in the summer – Vanguard

The first new light trucks of the World Division to arrive in the summer – Vanguard

Unimog and Volvo convertibles to arrive in summer (photo credit Earth Component)

The first new Earth Element trucks will arrive in the summer.

In a video shared on social media, Land Division showed its future light trucks, built by DAF Trucks and called Buffalo, working on the ground. La Défense ordered 879 trucks in different versions. Of the 636 light 4×4 trucks, three versions will be available: 410 trucks will have a small shipping container, another 174 will have a canvas cargo structure and the last 52 will have a crane. and main cargo structure. Another 243 heavier 8×8 trucks will also be produced in three versions: 171 will be transport vehicles, another 52 will have a platform and crane and the last 20 will have a tipper. Also note that 40% of each version will have armor and the rest can be armored if necessary.

The first four units were delivered to the DGMR to prepare the delivery of the first 150 vehicles to the units of the Ground Section but also of the Medical Element. Part of the World announces the start of deliveries for the summer of this year. The first driver’s training was given in 2022 and two more will follow this year, making the total number of drivers retrained to 200. drivers in their area. Similarly, three training sessions have also been prepared for mechanics in 2022 and two will take place in 2023. Trainers from the Tournai equipment school will be given priority to be able to continue with this training internally, notes the Land Element. Logistics and technical support will be provided by DAF Trucks in Belgium with dedicated support centers in Houthalen and Grâce-Hollogne.

The last trucks will arrive in 2026. They will replace Unimog cars and Volvo trucks. The total budget is 259 million euros.