The first round of the Alpine Challenge Cup is behind us |

The first round of the Alpine Challenge Cup is behind us |

On May 19, the Lausitzring became the battlefield for the Alpine A110 owners, starting from the first round. Alpine Challenge Cup run by Alpine Pietrzak. This is the famous track of the German DTM league, which in the long GP version is more than 4.5 km long and offers drivers as many as 14 corners. The station is easily accessible from Poland, because it is only 3 hours from Wrocław and Poznań.

On site, eight competitors and a special guest – Mateusz Kaprzyk, a competitor of Team Orlen, racing LMP3 models – were waiting for good weather to break records on the track and set the best times. Around 17 degrees and light cloud meant that many competitors ran full sessions on fire, with no need to cool the car.


All day we watched on the track and in the results the fight between Michalektheitalian and Buga Sport. From the first half, Michałek took the lead, who despite the weak Alpina of 50 km, bravely defended against Buga Sport. Buga, for his part, was on his opponent’s heels all day. Finally he had to give up. Interestingly, two Alpine Challenge competitors were also better than Mateusz Kaprzyk.

Class A252:

– 201 Michalektheitalian (Ø2:04.074)
– Moses 204 (Ø2:09.301)
– 205 Bora (Ø2:16.894)

Class A300:

– 208 Buga Sport (Ø2:04.160)
– 900 PTO (Ø2:09.767)
– 207 @Bart@ (Ø2:10.338)

Full round results can be checked at this link.


I rate the first round of the Alpine Challenge very well. Everything went very smoothly and without unnecessary cuts. This is due to great discipline on the track and excellent service of referees and technical teams. All 6 sessions took place as planned, giving competitors the chance to take on over 200km of track. AC competitors showed that this invisible car can handle a lot and set competitive times. – says Karol Himber, organizer of the Alpine Challenge.

Almost every A110 competing in the Alpine Competition was stock, that is, when they left the showroom. It’s rare for a production car to be race ready. Alpina’s racing heritage is not an empty marketing slogan. This car can really surprise you – adds Carl Himber

We have a very short break ahead of us. The Alpine Challenge returns on June 2 at the Slovakiaring track. This is the fastest thing on the entire Alpine Challenge calendar. It will definitely happen.

source: Alpice Cars Katowice

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