The Ford E-Tourneo Courier likes to go on vacation or to work

The Ford E-Tourneo Courier likes to go on vacation or to work

If you want to look sporty, sharp and Italian as a car, then you are looking at the design of the ultimate Lamborghini. On the other hand, do you want to look tough, bold and smart? Then you look for it in the Defender corner. It looks like Ford have done a second for the E-Tourneo Courier. So the green and white roof is different, it looks like a Land Rover, doesn’t it?

According to Ford’s chief designer in Europe, Amko Leenarts, the electric car is good for use if you’re ‘going for a walk or transporting construction materials’. Unfortunately, it’s mainly the color in the press photos that gives it the Defender touch. As a white company car, it is already more common.

The electric Tourneo Courier is one of ten EVs that Ford plans to launch in Europe next year. To reach this end, the brand is investing 50 billion dollars (about 45 billion euros) until 2026. Then the brand wants to be able to produce more than two million electric cars per year. That includes company cars. This E-Tourneo Courier should come to the Netherlands next year.

Details of the Ford E-Tourneo Courier

Ford has yet to reveal much about the new Tourneo. For example, we still don’t know how big the battery is or what the range is. What the brand says is that there is one electric motor that produces 136 hp. Furthermore, charging from 10 to 100 percent takes 5.7 hours (that’s five hours and 42 minutes) and you can charge up to 87 kilometers in 10 minutes.

What Ford is particularly proud of is the cargo space. It has grown by almost half compared to the previous Tourneo. According to Ford, you should now be able to easily store the bike in it without removing the wheels. There’s also a 44-litre trunk, hidden storage compartments, a 12-inch central screen and the car can receive over-the-air updates. It is not known how much the Ford E-Tourneo Courier will cost.