The forgotten model: Mercedes SL 73 AMG, with Pagani Zonda-V12 under the hood!

The forgotten model: Mercedes SL 73 AMG, with Pagani Zonda-V12 under the hood!

The Mercedes SL R129 is slowly but surely starting to arouse the interest of collectors. Beneath its sensible and aged appearance, this Mercedes is the epitome of technology and refinement. It entered the market in 1989 with a 3-liter straight-six or a 5-liter V8, but soon it will gain muscle with a 6-liter V12 in the SL600. Although this peak was not enough for the richest customers …

7.3 liters under the hood!

In the early 1990s, AMG was still an independent division, but one that had already proven its talents. So the wizards from Affalterbach decided to target the interior of the SL600 and add a V12. Amphetamine therapy turned out to be good: the V12 was enlarged to 7.3 liters and the power increased from 400 hp to … 525 hp! But it is above all the torque that could not be defeated, with a maximum of 750 Nm. The bike that started here would end its career under the hood of a certain Pagani Zonda.

Good character

With such a flood of power, the rest of the chassis was treated as well. On the other hand, as was appropriate at the time, the car was still discreet, with only two pipes to emphasize its extra muscle. Not even the rims were 18 inches! The performance is the same (4.8 seconds for 0-100 km / h), but its good qualities are preserved, with a high level of comfort, a silky-smooth 5-speed automatic transmission and a very reasonable sound.

A rare pearl

Production was nearly capped at a total of 85 units, making this Mercedes SL 73 AMG extremely hard to find. Our advice? Check out the ads in the Middle East and the most prestigious auctions and calculate the price between 200,000 and 300,000 euros!

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