The Fourth International Land Rover Motor Show

The Fourth International Land Rover Motor Show

On Sunday, April 2, more than 60 workers participated in the fourth edition of “Land Rover Rally International car shows in the luxurious property of The village of Mustonate in Varese.

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Participants competed in four events divided into Off Road and Sport Utility categories and three official Land Rover dealerships were awarded for each category, in a day of fun and sportsmanship.

The Tests faced the crew in the gated off-road with the winning number in the maximum time of five minutes. Inside of The guide is blindfolded the pilots, blindfolded, tried their hand at another off-road route (marked with numbered poles) to win by following the navigator’s detailed instructions on board, with a maximum time of five minutes to reach the finish line. Load and Save he led the participants on a course with blue poles and poles with hanging balls that are not supposed to touch the windshields of the cars in the race. To make the test more interesting, a container of balls was placed on the bonnet of each car, with the aim of not allowing it to fall. Capture the Flag it was a real “duel” between two chasing cars, with the goal of reaching the finish line first and “stealing” the flag hanging in the middle of the track.

Sponsors of the day Avalon Waterways, Peruffo Cicli, Estetic Clinique.