The French cared about their interests.  There will be no premium-badged Renault

The French cared about their interests. There will be no premium-badged Renault

Immediately after the Russian attack on Ukraine, Renault officially withdrew from the eastern market and sold its shares in AvtoWAZ for a symbolic ruble. As part of the package, the Russians received a license from the French company to manufacture the popular Dacia models: Duster, Logan and Sandero.

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The cars were to be produced at the existing Lada plants and sold on the domestic market under the Russian brand. It quickly turned out that it was not as easy as it might seem. The first Lada-badged Renault won’t roll out of the factory until next year at the earliest. If they leave at all.

Dacia Duster was launched on the Russian market under the Renault brand. Until recently, the popular SUV was produced at the Moscow Renault plant. The same that was supposed to revive the Moskvich brand not so long ago. Running the assembly line itself is not enough. First, it should be transferred to one of the factories of the AwtoWAZ concern. In this case, the parent plant in Togliatti was chosen.

Along the way, it turned out that the Duster model received a very low score in the “Russian” classification of cars, conducted by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade. It turned out that out of a possible 8,800 points, Dacia cars got only 2,199 points. This means that the share of ordered components is very high, which postpones the chance of a quick start of production.

The former Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation, who recently took the chair of the president of the Russian concern, said in an interview with local media that the launch of Duster production was very difficult. A possible decision on this issue will not be made earlier than next year.

Sokolov admitted in one of the interviews that the resumption of production of any Renault model will involve the payment of very high royalties, which will take quite a lot. Therefore, the production of the car will not be profitable.

Lada is back. Another example in production. But the “2022” in the release name is a joke. And it’s good

Everything shows that the concern of Renault, to end its activities on the Russian market, has found its interests well.