The future electric JUKE is approaching, the Nissan Hyper Urban Concept is a bold proposal for a long-term replacement for the small SUV.

The future electric JUKE is approaching, the Nissan Hyper Urban Concept is a bold proposal for a long-term replacement for the small SUV.

Nissan will also be present at the Japan Mobility Expo. The company has revealed one of the big new things it will present at the Japanese event, the Nissan Hyper Urban concept. An interesting car that will buy the electric SUV of the future, an organization that the brand has already chosen and that it will do again soon but in the JUKE category.

Nissan he knows very well that SUVs are the ones that are sold in all areas. At the moment, they are the majority of traditional combustion cars or hybrids, and there are more and more electric ones, so this great novel that the Japanese brand has revealed and that it will officially present at the end of the month on Japan’s Migration Hall It really doesn’t shock us, although it does make us a little bit.

He Nissan Hyper Urban Concept It’s a new bet from the brand, showing a futuristic design that, of course, won’t be a reality in Nissan’s series production model but it will be dangerous in the right. The company has not yet released its specifications, but from the proportions it presents, there is no doubt that it is a preview of the future little brother of the Ariya. A preview of the electric SUV concept that the JUKE will be for a long timea thesis that Nissan itself reinforces by showing that this concept “creates powerful dynamics and urban aesthetics.”

Space is one of the keys to the Nissan Hyper Urban concept, a small electric SUV of the future

Nissan Hyper Urban Concept, showing the future electric JUKE

Avant-garde invades all areas of this small SUV, which the Japanese brand has proven to be 100 percent electricity. Angular lines extend throughout the body, showing a strong shoulder line that flows into the front and rear lights. The frontal areas are limited to a narrow strip of light on the edge of hood in two heights to reduce aerodynamic resistance to the winddirectly divert the flow to the upper middle part of the windshield.

Mounted on large alloy wheels, also aerodynamically optimized, they roll on large tires that give it a sportier look. Hyper Urban has four doors, but not with the usual compass opening, but with scissorsalong with the bodywork that is painted in a special shade of lime yellow that changes depending on the angle of incidence of light.

Nissan will do without a facelift in the future

Nissan has not released details of its propulsion system, but has said that the model its designers have developed is for it lasts for a while without the need for a facelift. The Japanese want to follow in the footsteps of other brands that are already betting more on technical improvements through wireless updates than investing abroad. With a large interior space, a small view shows yoke-shaped steering wheel and digital instrument panel and it is so beautiful that it spreads across the entire width.