The future of the seat is unknown

The future of the seat is unknown

If you look at the development of Volkswagen AG, all brands are currently focused on change, not Seat. No electric car, no electric car has been announced yet and Cupra is now the favorite.

Seat: The future of the brand is undecided

I I think 2021that Volkswagen AG will gradually part with Seat, but Thomas Schäfer has told Autocar that Seat “will not be killed”. But the future of the brand is still undecided.

Seat has dropped significantly (40%+) in recent months and Thomas Schäfer also insists that Cupra is the future of the brand. But what is the state of Kiti? Volkswagen AG is “working on the plan”.

But Thomas Schäfer also notes that the seat is only safe until 2028 or 2029, as I said, beyond that the situation is still unclear. Honestly: draw the line and move on, Volkswagen AG has amassed too many brands.

Kiti: Is this brand needed anymore?

There are VW and Skoda, that should be enough in this category. And Cupra then addresses the target group of young people with electric cars. I have a feeling you just want to drag Seat down with you because you are still selling cars.

But I stand by my claim: The chair will not survive 2030. This is also for a reason no electric car is currently planned at Seat. There will probably be a change of course at some point, but until that happens, I’ll stick with it.

And to be honest, even an electric car in the portfolio would be enough to change my mind about this. Volkswagen AG has the MEB platform, that won’t be difficult. But you don’t even want to bring your partner to the VW ID.4.

Instead of this a similar model will also soon be available from the Cupra.