The Genesis GV60 is an elegant, luxurious and attractive electric car

The Genesis GV60 is an elegant, luxurious and attractive electric car

As soon as it enters the consideration lists of most buyers, the Genesis GV60 is an electric car that will make a mark in the electric luxury car market and give a fight to Audi, Mercedes and Volvo.

The GV60 is a compelling choice for those in the market for an electric luxury vehicle. Its combination of stylish design, impressive functionality, wide range of functions and advanced features make it a great choice. The GV60 delivers on all fronts.

My teenage daughter’s friends rarely show interest in the car that drops her off outside the school gates in the morning. But that happened with the GV60. I heard “Ooh what is it?” just before he closed the passenger door and left me silent again.

Among the features that help separate the Genesis from competing cars is the gear selector, which is hidden under a motorized glass ball on the center console that turns when it’s turned on. That resulted in “That’s so sick!” from a daughter, which is a definite compliment.

Other features, more practical and less surprising, include an automatic tailgate with battery status and a heat pump that come as standard, to ensure the car’s range is optimized in all weather conditions. Our test car also had popular options including a Bang and Olufsen noise-cancelling sound system to reduce wind and road noise, and digital side mirrors that use door-mounted cameras and screens instead of standard units.

Inside the spacious, well-built cabin, there is enough space for all passengers and the 432-litre boot space is sufficient for a typical family shopping trip.

A large touchscreen infotainment system, key audio controls and advanced driver assistance systems such as adaptive cruise control enhance the driving experience, and drive comfortably and quietly, making it ideal for city ​​streets and A-roads.

In front of the driver is a large high-resolution digital instrument cluster, which has a 3D display, and which blends into the infotainment screen in one seamless panel.

Thankfully the dashboard has physical controls for most functions, which minimizes distraction.

There are three variants of the Genesis GV60 electric car, all using a 77.5kWh battery. One entry-level car has a longer range – up to 321 miles – but there is a 490PS two-wheel drive model (Sport-spec and Sport Plus-spec), capable of 290 miles, for buyers. which prioritizes direct speed over range.

All three support 350kW super fast charging, allowing 10-80% recharging in 18 minutes.

Prices currently range from £54,105 OTR for the single motor Premium-spec GV60 – a significant increase on the £47k launch price set by Genesis UK in 2022 – to £58,565 for the Sport and up to £67,705 for the Sport Plus.

The challenge for the GV60 is to fit into those aforementioned checklists. An educated few may know about Genesis, but many do not. That is bound to change over time, helped by Genesis UK’s recent change in business model from direct sales to signing up a number of AM100 dealer groups to open showrooms and develop brand awareness.

That’s a good point, because I can’t see how anyone taking the GV60 for a test drive could walk away so disappointed.