The Gigafactory in Piedmont for batteries for electric cars is not working

The Gigafactory in Piedmont for batteries for electric cars is not working

Piedmont’s gigafactory of electric car batteries risks collapse

There Piedmont gigafactory of electric batteries for cars itvolt which will have to happen a Ivrea on the old land of Olivetti risk a gigaflop even before leaving”lack of electricity”. After announcements, projects, strategies, intervention plans, it has now been discovered that there is a problem connecting to the local electricity grid.

In short, just like in the house, if two devices are turned on at the same time, the lights turn off, so the system is made up of Pininfarina – from the extension of 300,000 square meterswhich in the projects will employ approx 3,000 people and more than 10,000 related companies and will reach a production capacity of up to 45 GWh per year when fully operational, becoming one of the largest plants of its kind in the world – there is a risk of being stopped because the meter is flying. He said in this way it would be nonsense, if not for the fact that the information is true.

“1% of all Italian electricity”

“In the area – the Lapland entrepreneur explained to journalists Lars-Eyvind Carlstrom, which Italvolt belongs to, – there is a serious problem regarding the connection of the installations to the electrical grid. A factory like ours uses a huge amount of energy, we estimate up to 1% of all electricity available in Italyso the infrastructure must be the same”.

However, the connection to the Internet “can take up to four years of work to be achieved: we do not have all this time because production, according to our plans, must begin in 2025. We are working to understand if it is possible to speed up the times and what we can do but we have not renewed the agreement that has given us exclusivity on the website”.

The company has already spent 10 million

That the Piedmont gigafactory had been shut down, after suffering several slow downs, was there for all to see. But there are those who attributed the decline to the government’s conflict Dragons and handover by the Prime Minister Watermelons. While others point to financial issues and problems with the tax authority of the entrepreneur himself. But now comes this new and disturbing news. All this does not mean that the project will not be implemented, also because among the various engineering, evaluation and bureaucratic tasks, the company has already spent around 10 million euros and the manager assures that “our will remains committed to Italy but – he adds – we cannot be caught unprepared in the event of more unexpected events”.

Leaving Ivrea would not make sense for Italvolt to leave Piedmont, because, as Carlstrom himself openly admitted “the transition from the internal combustion engine to electric vehicles. will cause unemployment as Italy is strong in internal combustion engines and companies will lay off many people. This will enable us to have the qualified staff we have”.

We are currently in the hands of China

But Italvolt is not alone when it comes to mega flops. Also Britischvolt a sister company of 3.8 billion euros and 3,000 employees that had to be built in In the north of England, in Blythin conjunction with Pininfarina, Siemens, Aston Martin and Lotus it did not get capital and ended up in receivership.

At the moment battery production is only a business in the East: mainly for Chinawhich holds more than half of the market and alone Catl which covers one third of the business. Then it follows South Koreawhich reaches more than 25%, when Japan and 10% stable. So, the rest of the world is left with less than 8%. The domain of Catl it is obvious and there are many car manufacturers that use Catl batteries in their cars such as Tesla, Peugeot, Hyundai, Honda, Bmw, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo.

Stellantis invests in Termoli

About Stellantis (which signs many contracts with third-party manufacturers), the first electric batteries will be manufactured in Italy from 2026 in Termoli. The Italian Gigafactory will operate from this date, it will take approx 2,000 people and it will produce 40 GWh of batteries by the end of the decade.

Until then we will have to bow to China which will still have a large position thanks to the fact that it owns a large part of the raw materials and components for the production of electric batteries. This is why it also grows in front of the viewer EU decision banning the sale of conventional combustion vehicles 2035 like a gift to the Dragon.