“The Grand Tour: Eurocrash” review.

“The Grand Tour: Eurocrash” review.

In their latest special, Clarkson, Hammond, and May embark on a captivating journey behind the Iron Curtain, offering a perfect blend of relaxation and entertainment.

This time, instead of a specific theme, the trio opts for cars that can be described as “as stupid as possible,” adding an extra layer of amusement. Clarkson’s choice is the Mitsuoka Le-Seyde, a Japanese conversion of the Nissan Silvia S13, exquisitely designed in a baroque style. Hammond goes for the Chevrolet SSR, a quirky and unsuccessful pick-up roadster hybrid from Chevrolet, known for its bulkiness and humor.

As always, May surprises with his vehicle selection, opting for a Crosley convertible, a nearly 70-year-old minivan that adds an unexpected element of entertainment to the show. With this choice, May, often referred to as “Captain Slow,” lives up to his nickname, considering the vehicle’s modest performance of no more than 15 hp according to matatu estimates.

Unsurprisingly, the extensive journey of over 2000 kilometers through Eastern Europe mostly revolves around Clarkson and Hammond, while May, humorously portrayed as a running gag, consistently arrives at central locations long after dark, inadvertently missing out on the entire sightseeing experience. However, each location holds its own charm, showcasing stunning visuals of cities like Gdansk and Poznan, while also providing a delightful glimpse into the natural beauty and allure of Lake Bled.

Humor remains a constant companion throughout the trip. May leisurely cruises at less than 50km/h, constantly overtaken by trucks whose gusts of wind threaten to sweep him off the road, creating comical situations. Meanwhile, the team takes light-hearted jabs at Jeremy’s weight, exemplified by his humorous struggle to extricate himself from a Formula Easter car. His weight necessitates the removal of the car’s front part, an amusing spectacle that echoes the humorous tone of the special.

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“Eurocrash” may not be as groundbreaking or captivating as previous specials, often resembling an Eastern European sightseeing adventure rather than a traditional auto show. Nevertheless, the feature film’s duration flies by effortlessly, thanks to well-executed jokes, breathtaking city, and nature shots, and, above all, the undeniable chemistry shared among the trio. These elements ensure the special’s resounding success. Anticipating their future travels, one can only imagine the demanding and audacious locations they will venture to next.