The history of the A-Team car, and how to buy one if you want one

The history of the A-Team car, and how to buy one if you want one

Broadcast from 1983 to 1987, The A team is a series of stars and stripes created by Lupo and Cannell that entertained young and old in the 1980s. The unstoppable commando of Vietnam War veterans has entered the history of television products thanks to characters such as. Hannibal And a slap. Another iconic feature of the five seasons, however, was undoubtedly the specific mode of transportation used by the main characters: GMC Vandura.

So let’s see all the stories and curiosities about car The team he became a legend.

The story of the GMC Vandura, the A-Team car

Behind the so-called Team A’s car it is true to hide GMC Vandura. A car that was produced continuously from 1964 to 1996 with minor changes in terms of safety and utility.

To determine the success of car The teambefore the eightieshigh level of thought about it personalization provided by the company to its customers. Buyers, of course, could easily change it to use from camping or for more commercial use.

Over the years, however, they have exchanged well three generations of cars and, only the last one, was the one that appeared in the television series. From the four large wheels on which everything was optional (even the rear windows), the model then took on more elegant and curved lines until it was offered with many types of engines and transmissions.

The third family officially began in 1971, more than ten years before TV series. Also due to frequent appearances on television, however, it was able to remain in production until 1996, the year it was discontinued.

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A-Team van: a marketing issue

Log in to Team A’s car in the cast of an unknown series was no accident. On the contrary, it was part of a larger one marketing strategy established by GMC Extension to increase sales of a car that is now ten years old.

In addition, in order to get the producers to sign the contract, the company even offered several models, to be able to replace the damaged cars during the most daring shots. The advertising plan, however, did not end there. The Vandura appeared inside The A team it was actually there more equipped and expensive version available in the market.

This caused buyers to rush to sellers in droves, only to find that they would have to pay. a very high figure compared to the list value. Needless to say, many decided to conclude the purchase of Team A’s car equally.

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How the van has changed over the course of the series

If one engages in careful revision The A teamit will be easy to realize that car The team of the TV series changed as the episodes progressed.

The The GMC logo on the front grille, for example, is red activated during the first season and black starting from the second. In this regard, it seems that the company did not renew the contract between the first and second year, once the car was so amazing that now it cannot be changed.

Besides, sun roof appear and disappear, often within the same period. The models used for queues and chases did not have them, mainly for safety reasons for stranded people.

Continuity or not, even today, the richest fans of the series are always looking for it A-Team Cars nature and apparently six cars are still on the road. In 2021, in fact, Worldwide Auctioneers has called aauction with the goal of helping a charity. One of the examples was seen among the items for sale, which an unknown buyer grabbed up close 85 thousand dollars. Proof, once again, that the story of this car is still far from being forgotten.