The Hyundai i10 (2023) was captured as a heavily disguised Erlkönig

The Hyundai i10 (2023) was captured as a heavily disguised Erlkönig

( – Hyundai launches a new model every four weeks. However, things have been very quiet about the i10 in the last two years. However, the manufacturer doesn’t seem to want to bury its subcompact car just yet, because now our photographers have captured images of a highly-hidden model that advertises the facelifted Hyundai i10 (buy Hyundai i10 used cars now).

Hyundai i10 (2023) facelifted as Erlkönig


Perhaps there is a very good explanation for the deep camouflage – the i10 appears to have a redesigned front end with many changes compared to the previous model. These include new daytime running lights integrated into the grille, which draws heavily on the Tucson and other new models from the manufacturer.

It’s hard to tell if the headlights will be revised as well, but judging by these early photos it looks like their shape won’t be changed. The design of the bumper may remain unchanged, although the area around the fog lights may be changed. The exposure is still very large on the rear side as well, but we don’t think there will be any noticeable changes there.

Photo gallery: Hyundai i10 (2023) captured as a heavily disguised Erlkönig

It is also worth noting that the i10’s updated dashboard is also well hidden. Test driver from However, Hyundai was quick enough to hide the rest of the interior, suggesting the possibility of an all-new interior layout. However, nothing can be confirmed at this time.

What else Hyundai is trying:

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The third generation i10 has been in the market since 2019 and is available in different versions. The small car is also sold in India, Vietnam, South Africa and Mexico. However, here you can see the European version of the little runabout, which is also designed, developed and built in Europe.

In this country, the city car is available with a turbocharged three-cylinder engine as well as a standard four-cylinder engine and we assume that the program will continue without major changes.

Of course, there is still no information about the schedule of the i10 further (first, market launch and first delivery). However, we expect that it will probably not be possible to officially check the final design this year. At the beginning of 2023 it should be ready. Then there is also certainty related to technical data and possible price changes.