The increase in oil prices did not affect the official price of Mitsubishi cars

The increase in oil prices did not affect the official price of Mitsubishi cars

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – PT Mitsubishi Motors Krama Yudha Mauzo Indonesia (MMKSI) confirmed that it will not adjust car prices following the increase in fuel prices. In other words, the price of Mitsubishi cars did not increase because of this.

This was directly stated by the Director of Sales and Marketing of PT MMKSI Irwan Kuncoro when he was at the launch of a Mitsubishi dealer in Cibubur today, Tuesday, October 3, 2023. Although there were adjustments, he said, they were not due to the increase in fuel prices.

“At the moment we have no plan to adjust the prices of products or to adjust the prices of cars due to the increase in fuel prices,” said Irwan Kuncoro when they met at the Sun Star Prima Motor dealer – Cibubur.

“But price adjustment is one thing that exists, and not only Mitsubishi, other brands also adjust many things. “But once again, especially for the increase in fuel prices, there are currently no plans to increase the price of cars,” he explained.

As it is known, PT Pertamina (Persero) officially increased the price of non-subsidized fuel until October 1 2023. There are five types of fuel that have increased, which are Pertamax, Pertamax Turbo, Dexlite, Pertamina Dex and Pertamax Green. 95.

The price of Pertamax has increased by IDR 700 from IDR 13,300 per liter in September to IDR 14,000. Pertamax Turbo also increased to IDR 16,600 per liter from the previous IDR 15,900 per liter.

A price increase also occurred for Dexlite starting today, from IDR 16,350 per liter to IDR 17,200 per liter. Meanwhile, the price of Pertamina DEX has increased from IDR 16,900 per liter to IDR 17,900 per liter. Then Pertamax Green 95 increased from IDR 15,000 per liter to IDR 16,000 per liter with Pertamax.

Mitsubishi Motors OTR Price List in Jabodetabek:

Mitsubishi XForce

Ultimate CVT Rp. 412.900,000,-

Exceeded CVT Rp. 379.900,000,-

New Pajero Game

New Game Pajero Dakar Ultimate 4×4 AT Rp. 735.600,000,-

New Sport Pajero Dakar Ultimate 4×2 AT Rp. 675.600,000,-

New Sport Pajero Dakar 4×2 AT Rp. 625.900,000,-

New Pajero Sport Exceeded 4×2 AT Rp. 567.300,000,-

New Pajero Sport Exceeded 4×2 MT Rp. 552.100,000,-

New Sport Pajero GLX 4×4 MT Rp. 577.600,000,-

New Xpander Crossover

New Xpander Cross Premium CVT Rp. 342,650,000,-

New Xpander Cross MT Rp. 316,750,000,-

New Xpander2 Ultimate CVT Rp. 312.900,000,-

Sports CVT Rp. 309.500,000,-


Sport MT Rp. 294.850,000,-

Exceeded CVT Rp. 280.700,000,-

Exceeded MT Rp. 271.500,000,-

GLS CVT Rp. 267.400,000,-

GLS MT Rp. NOK 258,200,000


Outlander PHEV Rp. 1.322.700.000,-


Triton D-Cab Ultimate AT 4×4 Rp. 520,000,000,-

Triton D-Cab Exceeded MT 4×4 Rp. 469.950,000,-

Triton D-Cab GLS MT 4×4 Rp. 434.600,000,-

Triton D-Cab HDX MT 4×4 Rp. 413.550,000,-

Triton Single-Cab HDX MT 4×4 Rp. 363.350,000,-

Triton Single-Cab GLX MT 4×2 Rp. 287.150,000,-


L300 Cab MT Chassis Rp. 237,000,000,-

L300 Pick-Up Flat Deck MT Rp. 242,000,000,-

*Additional IDR 3,000,000 for white

*Additional IDR 1,500,000 for white

Editor’s Pick: More than 2,000 units of the Mitsubishi XForce have been ordered by the end of September.

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