The Infiniti FX Vettel version is a sports car

The Infiniti FX Vettel version is a sports car

The Infiniti FX Vettel version is finally ready. Fifty copies of the smaller version of the crossover, which can actually be called the best sports car, are coming to Western Europe. You can still order them. With this you become a member of a unique car club that does fun things with Vettel personally.

At the 2011 IAA auto show, Infiniti showcased the FX Vettel version concept. The special edition was created in collaboration with Formula 1 driver Sebastian Vettel. It now appears that the world champion has played a greater role in the development of the Vettel Version than just choosing the material and colors. For example, he was a member of a pilot team that improved the handling characteristics of a special FX 50.

The power of the five-liter V8 engine from a standard FX 50 has increased from 390 to 420 hp, torque from 500 to 520 Nm. Race of 0-100 km / h completes ‘Vettel’ in 5.6 seconds. Speed ​​is controlled up to 250 km / h. In the transition from FX to Vettel sports version, the standard body panels have been replaced with lighter carbon fiber which the Red Bull Competition team also uses on the F1 car. They are made by hand and are finished with twelve layers of coating.

Many components are made of carbon, both external and internal. You will also find good accessories such as fog light placed in the center, in the rectangular shape of the F1 rain lamp. It is possible to open the exhaust system valves from the dashboard and thus enjoy the sound of the V8. Another departure from the standard FX is intended to make the car fly in the sky and direct operation. Examples include reduced chassis, sports springs and optional rear spoiler that provides 30 percent lower power.

Infiniti FX Vettel Edition

Production will begin in February 2013. One month later, the FX Vettel Edition will be presented to customers, starting with the driver himself. Depending on the country where you are importing a car, prices start at 120,000 euros; in the Netherlands the exact price is still unknown because of the increased BPM. Of the 50 copies intended for Western Europe, 33 are still on sale. Then you have a unique car because only one Vettel Edition is ordered in the Netherlands.

Buyers around the world automatically become members of a unique automotive club – with Sebastian Vettel. Club members are invited to VIP events such as driver training, boarding F1 and attending special events. That’s almost more unique than a car.