The interior of the Tesla Cybertruck has been revealed in an excellent video

The interior of the Tesla Cybertruck has been revealed in an excellent video

A short video was posted online today with the best look at the Cybertruck’s interior yet, including a glimpse of the car’s main interface in action.

As Cybertruck gets closer to production, we’ve been seeing more and more of them pop up in public. We’ve recently seen it charging, we’ve seen the beast in the open, and we’ve seen it pulling a large trailer.

But so far, the inside look has mostly involved videos when the Cybertruck isn’t working (for example, parked at a trade show, or after hitting a ditch), or video from the previous launch event. We’ve seen one photo with the truck on, but that’s about right based on recent appearances.

Well, we now have a 56-second video of the Cybertruck’s interior, shot by someone who sounds like he shouldn’t be there:

The language and captions are in Russian, although they don’t say much (“sorry,” “this is how hazard lights work,” “this is Elon Musk’s bag,” and so on). It doesn’t appear to be taken by a Tesla employee, perhaps an employee of a transportation company or someone who for some reason found a car that had been unlocked for a while.

Most of the time, we only get a quick glimpse of various parts of the car that we haven’t seen before, especially the interface.

The car starts and the backup camera is on, showing the rear and side cameras. There’s still no rearview camera, something many other cars have but Tesla currently doesn’t.

Our tour guide then plays with the map, showing that it responds well, as one might expect. A car appears to be parked near a Manheim car auction outside of Columbus, Ohio, according to GPS on the map. Which is… kind of a strange place for a high-profile unissued car to be parked (complete with “service required” warnings for the automatic pilot systems and safety restraints).

The interface is defined similarly to other Tesla vehicles with the map on the right and the car display on the left, although the separation between the two is a blurred line rather than a solid one.

We get an image of a parked Cybertruck, but it’s only parked on a low polygon rendering, in what appears to be the default rendering for a parked vehicle. And behind the screen, we see Tesla’s new colored light strip that has started to appear on the Model 3 Refresh and the Chinese Model Y.

The car shows 84% ​​on charge, but unfortunately, no range display – even when our guide tries to hit it a few times to see what it can say. And the screen has a “swipe to change gear” indicator, just like other new Teslas that have suffered from stalk deletion.

And finally, as a fun easter egg, the back camera has a hexagonal design. Which… almost matches the triangular pattern seen on the cup holders.

Through the rest of the car, there is a “tray” area between the front seats, just like the old Model S had. It has some wires and an illegible document in it. Additionally, the center console features triangular “web cup holders” similar to those we’ve seen on the rear seat, but which are different from circular Cybertruck Franz von Holzhausen brought to the auto show the sixth month. Both have 2 phone charging points located in front of the cup holders.

We don’t see anything particularly new in the back seat, except for the large glass roof that looks bigger from the inside. From our experience riding the Cybertruck at the unveiling event, the interior already felt quite cavernous even at night, but this should add a more open feeling during the day.

Finally, looking back at the front, we can see the guide using a two-stage sun visor, which is somewhat similar to that in Model X.

Did you notice anything in the video that we didn’t? What do you think of this latest Cybertruck interior look? What do you think this car might be doing being driven by a random Russian man at a car auction outside of Columbus, Ohio? Let us know in the comments below.

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