The Italian government says Alfa Romeo should not make the Milano model in Poland

The Italian government says Alfa Romeo should not make the Milano model in Poland

The Italian government contested the brand’s decision Alfa Romeothat it will produce its new crossover Milano in Polandbecause he believes that production outside the country of origin of the brand is illegal.

Shortly after Alfa Romeo unveiled the new model at a prestigious event, the Italian Minister of Industry Adolf Urso he claimed that the production of a car called Milano outside of Italy violates the country’s laws relating to goods and “The Italian Voice” names that are not Italian.

“It is impossible to make a car called Milano in Poland,” he said Ursus. “This law states that it is prohibited to provide information that may mislead users. Therefore, a car called Milano must be made in Italy. Otherwise, this is a misleading statement that is not allowed under Italian law. ยป

During the presentation of the new model, it was Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis he said that the production of the internal combustion engine and electric versions of Milan in Poland, not Italy, is allowed reserved 10.000 EUR at a price that will start below 30.000 euros. It will be the only Alfa Romeo modelwhich will be issued outside of Italy.

“If it was made in Italy, instead of 30.000 euros, the Milano would start selling around 40.000 euros, which would reduce its power in the market,” is on the presentation of a new style of Automotive News he said Tavares.

The Italian government is determined increase the production of domestic cars and has already collaborated with the Stellantis company in the past. The automaker has requested domestic subsidies and policy support to increase production, but the government has not agreed. However, Tellantis is committed to scaling up annual production in Italy from 750,000 units to 1 million. The Italian government continues to talk to a handful of other automakers, including Teslato convince them to make cars in Italy.