The Kia EV9 is amazing with software.  This feature may be the most important in a car

The Kia EV9 is amazing with software. This feature may be the most important in a car

Kia EV9 will allow you to improve the performance of the car wirelessly

The Kia EV9 is the manufacturer’s first vehicle with the Hyundai Car Navigation Cockpit (ccNC). Its most important feature is the ability to update over the air from the cloud (OTA). Until now, Kia only allowed the infotainment system to be updated this way, but not all of the car’s software. What is changing?

The update will be able, for example, to improve energy consumption and thus reduce it in some cases. It will also be possible to improve the performance of driver assistance systems, also by improving them after the proper collection of data from the first tens of thousands of kilometers. If only it was about improving the performance of the car, not blocking some functions and unlocking them after paying the subscription.

The ccNC app enhances the overall in-car multimedia experience. The manufacturer’s representatives ensure that the navigation of the interface elements and the available animations will work to the iPhone standard. And unlike General Motors, Kia has no intention of abandoning the car’s connectivity with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Unfortunately, despite these new things and technology, smartphones will still have to be connected to a cable. Compassion. A Kia spokesperson justifies this by the fact that people using both systems still want to charge their smartphones while driving. It is that it can also be done wirelessly…

Kia EV9

In addition to the EV9 model, we will see the new ccNC program in Poland on Hyundai’s flagship crossover, the refreshed Kona model. Back to the EV9, Kia has greatly improved the interior of the car, and decided to replace some buttons and touches. This raises concerns as to whether they will be uncomfortable with the non-illuminated buttons directly from Volkswagen, or be very successful with large haptics as in the Nissan Ariya? We will know after the first tests.

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Remote updates will be an important feature of cars in the coming years

Die-hard lovers of classic motoring may have heart attacks, but it’s software that will be the most important function of cars in the near future. We know this from the electricity we use every day, but so do Tesla owners, who have been doing the same thing for years.

Of course, this raises some concerns. In a sense, the control of the car to some extent still lies with the manufacturer. And, as with everyday electronics, updates don’t always bring positive changes. Sometimes they break something, they have small or big mistakes. A few months ago, my LG TV stopped working for about a week after updating the HBO Max app. Can you imagine that such a situation affects your car and you can’t start it for a few days?

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It’s a certain risk, but we have to learn to live with it and hope that car manufacturers will use themselves properly with the updates introduced. In general, they will probably start many important things, but every single slip will be remembered for years.