The Lamborghini race car team uses NFT technology for car parts

The Lamborghini race car team uses NFT technology for car parts

The world-famous car manufacturer Lamborghini not only launched its NFT collection.

Lamborghini is now also using NFT technology to monitor the car parts of new race cars and thus improve their performance. But the Lamborghini is not the only car brand that has already discovered the NFTs themselves.

NFT technology for Lamborghini race cars

For new NFTs, Lamborghini is working with GO2NFT and the Skynetwork blockchain platform. With the help of NFT technology, it should be possible to verify with certainty the origin and quality of car parts. The Vincenzo Sospiri Race (VSR) is the name of a race team using new technology for the first time.

Professional race driver Vincenzo Sospiri he explained Commenting: “It all comes with a huge responsibility – to ensure that we can safely and safely inspect every part of our fleet to monitor performance and ensure efficiency.”

Lamborghini has been working with NFTs for a long time – already in February 2022 the company published its first collection. Along with artist Fabian Oefne, the company launched the Space Time Memory collection. Profits were imminent $ 660,000.

Then, in June 2022, a car manufacturer sold a Lamborghini Aventador as well as a stainless steel token. In the future, according to the official information to the media the more such sales take place. Stephan Winkelmann, CEO of Lamborghini, sees great potential in new technologies: “Lamborghini and the NFT community are very useful as we share many values. We are all young and creative, looking for unexpected projects and technological solutions.

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NFTs: Is the competition worth it?

Lamborghini is far from the only car manufacturer that uses the latest technology. Alfa Romeo, for example, is already using its NFT chip in the new Tonale. All the necessary changes are stored on this. Among other things, this should add value to selling cars.

Mercedes has also launched its NFT collection. Mercedes worked with the crypto exchange FTX. The companies aim to improve the fan experience by auctioning off some NFT car parts and providing access to real content such as car racing tickets.

Porsche for its part, it sold the first NFT in August 2021. The car model sold for 30.25 Ethereum or about $ 80,000. In addition, Ferrari also wants to increase its efforts in the NFT market, as Total Motosport statement.


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