The Landau district court sentenced Fiat Chrysler in the diesel emissions scandal / damage …

The Landau district court sentenced Fiat Chrysler in the diesel emissions scandal / damage …

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The failure of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA/ now: Stellantis) in the diesel emissions scandal. On December 6, 2021, the Regional Court of Landau ordered the car manufacturer to pay damages of EUR 48,155.93 (Az. 2 O 169/21). Therefore, the chances of consumers to win against dealers and car manufacturers in court, from the point of view of the consumer law firm Dr. Stoll & Sauer expanded further. Dr Stoll & Sauer advises affected consumers to seek free legal advice check online. Meanwhile, more user-friendly judgments have been published. The court also wants to handle the scandal with reports and questions to the authorities. The law firm is one of the leaders in the emissions scandal. The owners are currently representing the Confederation of Consumer Organizations in a symbolic declaratory action against Daimler AG. Already in 2020, Dr. Ralf Stoll and Ralph Sauer for 260,000 VW customers 830 million euros. compare and conversation.

Fiat Chrysler acted willfully and immorally in the emissions scandal

On December 6, 2021, the 2nd civil court in the Landau district court passed a decision in favor of consumers (Az. 2 O 169/21) in the FCA diesel emissions scandal. This is no longer known as a default judgment. Fiat defended itself in Landau and commented on the case – and lost. Also the office of Dr. Stoll & Sauer has meanwhile won several positive judgments against Stellantis/FCA and dealers. Here are the most important facts about the current sentence in the Landau District Court:

  • In November 2015, the plaintiff purchased a used “V 600 G” mobile home from the manufacturer Pilote for EUR 47,500. The car has a 3.0 liter and 180 hp Euronorm 5b engine common to the base Fiat Ducato car. Engine number: F1CE3481E.
  • In principle the court followed the plaintiff’s request and sentenced FCA to pay compensation of EUR 48,155.93 – plus interest – for intentional damage and immorality in accordance with Article 826 BGB. The compensation includes the costs that the owner had attached to the mobile phone after purchasing it. It was clear to the court that the mobile home has a test bench detection system, which means that the exhaust gas values ​​are improved to the legal level during the inspection. In the actual operation of the road, then the environment is polluted and people’s health is at risk.
  • According to the court, the damage was caused by the conclusion of the purchase contract, which the claimant could not have entered into if he had known about the operation of the exhaust gas. From the perspective of the court, Fiat Chrysler acted intentionally and immorally (§826 BGB). The strategic decision to control production was made for profit maximization reasons. The Court clearly cited the VW judgments of the Federal Court of Justice. At the end of May 2020, four and a half years after the emissions scandal surrounding the EA189 diesel engine came to light, VW was convicted by a high court.
  • Plaintiff must return his Pilote mobile home and receive damages for utility bills. When calculating the compensation, the court applied it to the cases of the car in the production scandal and covered the mileage of 300,000 kilometers.
  • The sentence has not yet been legally binding.
  • According to the law firm Dr. Stoll & Sauer is designed in such a way that the legally prescribed exhaust aftertreatment is deactivated approximately 22 minutes after each engine start. Since the test run on the exhaust gas test bench lasts about 20 minutes, disabling the exhaust gas calibration means that the test conditions give the impression that the vehicle would meet the minimum legal limit for the number of NOx for vehicles. In fact, the actual emission behavior is 19 times higher and therefore exceeds the limit value. In addition, there is a temperature window in the engine that controls the emission control according to the temperature outside the car – ie turning it off. In addition, the on-board diagnostic (OBD) warning message is changed.

A user-friendly development in the Fiat production scandal

For the office of Dr. Stoll & Sauer now has a heavy burden of proof against the car manufacturer. Events up to 2020 alone should be enough for the FCA to be convicted. The law firm has now filed more than 1000 cases against FCA, Iveco and car dealers across the country. The compensation position has increased significantly as a result. The law firm is therefore advising consumers affected by the emissions scandal to seek legal advice. Victims must go through The results and effects of the production scandal and great loss of money fight: scare you driving ban, turn off and depreciation, unless they claim the claim in court in a timely manner. Customers should have one individual action raise Based on current case law, the chances are pretty good. I am free check online the right way to diesel scam can be found. We investigate your specific case and provide you with an initial assessment before agreeing on a collective action against the car manufacturer.

Dr. Stoll & Sauer is leading a counter-claim against Daimler

In the office of Dr. Stoll & Sauer Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH is one of the leading law firms in the emissions scandal. The law firm specializes in banking and capital market law, among other things, and has filed more than 10,000 cases against banks and financial companies. More than 5,000 consumers were consulted and represented on the right to withdraw from credit contracts. In addition, the law firm conducts more than 20,000 emissions scandal cases against manufacturers, traders and the Federal Republic of Germany throughout the country, has already won thousands of positive verdicts and concluded more than 10,000 settlements on behalf of consumers.

In the popular JUVE Handbook 2017/2018, 2018/2019 and 2019/2020, the law firm is recommended especially for the area of ​​capital investment processes (investors) in the category of dispute resolution – dispute resolution, corporate law disputes . Those shareholders Dr. Ralf Stoll and Ralph Sauer also carried out the case of the model declaration against Volkswagen AG for the German Consumer Association (vzbv) in the Claims of RUSS Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH, they negotiated a settlement of 830 million for 260,000 consumers and wrote the German on April 30 the end of the process . , legal history of 2020. The owners of the specified company are currently running a symbolic declaratory action against Daimler AG. In the JUVE Handbook 2019/2020, the law firm is mentioned as a market leader for its competence in the management of many cases.

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